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Germans! Almaenwyr!


Haia bawb!
I’m someone who’s learned Welsh, and it all began with SSiWelsh. What an amazing thing!
Over the past few years I’ve come across loads of Germans who really want to learn Welsh. I mean, it’s almost shocking, the large demographic of Germans that have come to Wales or are still in Germany and have just really taken an interest. Something that I’ve always been curious about - perhaps it’s the politeness, that is, the “European attitude” towards respecting the culture of a nation by learning its language; especially if you decide to move there. Even the students I’ve met - seems like every single one, takes it upon themselves to learn a bit of Welsh; even if they’re only here (in Bangor) for a semester.
Just thought I’d reach out to any Germans out there who’d like to practice Welsh with me, and maybe help me with my German in exchange!



Hey Andrew!

Good to hear your experiences with Germans in Wales are so pleasant! I really just started learning Welsh and certainly will not be able to offer intriguing conversation for someone with your proficiency. But for shure I‘d be glad to chat with you in German! If you’re interested just send me a message or let me know here and we can set something up.

Have a good evening! Hannah


Hey Hannah, pleased to meet you! Well I’m sure my German conversation isn’t all exciting… :wink: It doesn’t matter what your level is, feel free to practice Walisisch with me any time!


Helo Andrew,

if you like we could have a chat some time, too :smile:



Mi fyswn i wrth fy modd, Camilla!
Das wäre toll! Hast du auch WhatsApp?



No, I don’t have WhatsApp.
But I’m on Slack in the WSP (Welsh Speaking Practice) and I do have Skype



What is this Slack? Ok pm me and we can exchange info


Good evening, born in Wales at a time when welsh was not taught, I had been often told that welsh was very similar to German due to the “umlauts” and similar pronunciation differences compared to English.
I joined the army back in the 80’s and was promptly sent to Germany where I served for 8 years and, having met my wife there, I remained there after leaving the army.
I returned to the UK in 2012 and my family followed me shortly afterwards. Generally, we speak German at home but it was always a wish to speak welsh.
I am a fluent speaking in German, broken English and on week 3 of welsh ( God help me).
PS I was always hopeless at languages…


Very interested story, thanks for sharing. Vielen Dank / diolch yn fawr!
I’d be glad to practice with you if you’d like, and would you mind a German/Welsh exchange?

Cofion cynnes,


Mein Deutsch reicht vollkommen aus, mein Walisisch jedoch braucht noch einige Wochen vor ich mich trauer ( bin erst 3 Wochen drin).


Weiter so! Daliwch ati!
I’m here to help and practice, whenever you feel like it.