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Going BLUE- week 21 'ANSWER' recording **Green to Blue badge** 🔵 (Awarded Mondays)


So how do you get these rather elegant BLUE badges?

Simply by ANWERING someone else’s SoundCloud question from this Going Green thread and post it here. (Please don’t start a new thread)

You must have posted your own question here (and got a GREEN badge) before you can do this - but once you’ve got GREEN, as soon as you answer someone else’s question on SoundCloud and posted it here in this thread, you’ll go BLUE… :star: :star2:

Now, we’ll be keeping an eye on everything in the speaking practice section - so most of the time, whenever we see a GREEN post an answer, we’ll upgrade them to BLUE!
But if you post an answer and you don’t get upgraded, just let @catrinlliarjones know in this thread by tagging her.

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Having just found out there is an in-built microphone on my laptop, recording should be much less of a faff now. However, I do like the green tag… I don’t mind adding more questions and doing some answers before long, but there’s no rush to turn me blue! :wink:

edit - oh yes, much easier to record and move about. So much so, I’ve had a bit of a binge. Still happy to be green though :grin:


OK @aran I finally found my ateb I Jane - it took me ages for some reason. I think I just don’t spend as much time on the Forum as I’d like so haven’t quite got the hang of moving around in it/knowing it that well yet. All in good time Popeth mewn amser da! So… assuming this copied link works:


Proud to say that I am sporting a nifty, stylish, up-to-the munud blue badge. I can join that exclusive club and feel honoured to be able to say thank you again. It’s always been my favourite colour. :smiley:


Blue? Yeh!

Thank you one and all for your amazing help and patience as I negotiated the challenges to get here. I have learned so much just this past week, am chuffed to beans to be in the ‘blue’ and have had a ball.

On the technical side, maybe I can add a discovery I made yesterday that may help iPad or Mac users that takes advantage of 2 Apps that are probably already loaded on them, plus SoundCloud that needs to be downloaded. There are 4 steps:
—record in GarageBand
—save in iTunes
—upload to SoundCloud
—post link to SSiW

This is not the route (softeware) I took to get to ‘green’, but experimented with icons/apps on my Mac and iPad yesterday, pushing buttons I never tried before. Hey presto, this really streamlined my process because I cannot record directly to SoundCloud for some reason. The trick—step 2. Without that SoundCloud will not accept the file, so you keep getting error messages.

Most folk here may know this, or it is covered somewhere else on the Forum, so sorry for any repetition, but this is my little offering by way of thanks, even if it seems obvious to some, or is just a reminder to others.

Diolch yn fawr,


I’ve added my answer to the bottom of this post

but still haven’t turned blue, as it were!


Eh? From green to blue? Dw i’n dal yn coch! I posted my own question and answered someone else’s. But no matter - it’s a techy hitch is all…but gives me a chance to say thanks again to Aran and the crew. This course is super fab…


If you posted in the Going Green or Going from Green to Blue threads, I’m afraid I missed it - if not, for anyone reading this, that’s how you flag yourself up for badge change…:wink: Sorry for that… caught you now… :slight_smile:

And thanks for your lovely words! :heart:


Worry not…and the words are right. And I know I’m not the only one who WILL be a Welsh speaker…because of you… and the course…and the encouragement…and the amazing camaraderie. Enough now! :sunglasses:


I can’t tell you how much joy it gives us to watch you succeeding… :slight_smile: :heart:


I am ready for my blue badge Aran :hugs:


Hi Aran,
I haven’t turned blue yet possibly because I did it backwards - I answered a couple of questions before posting mine!
Great fun this and so good for improving listening skills.
Thanks to you all for the effort you put in to making learning Welsh such a great experience.


Sorry Aran, Soundcloud and I have a stormy relationship so I have posted my answer to Gavins question from Audio copy to Slack.


I’m still green🤢


Fixed… :wink:




Aran, think I’ve done what I need to go blue …


Hi Aran, I already answered a question from Kira, yesterday or the day before I think.
Can I get a blue badge now, or shall I answer another question? :thinking:

Can I go blue now Aran. Not sure how to link it with you

Tagging @aran to give @Gareth_ap_Alun the blue badge. He answered my question and he answered it well so he deserves blue badge I think. :slight_smile:

Well done Gareth. Loved the answer and mostly I loved the fact that you’re still using old film camera. This is amazing!