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Going BLUE- week 21 'ANSWER' recording **Green to Blue badge** 🔵 (Awarded Mondays)


Answer to Bronwen


I think I did this right?


And I just realized I was supposed to post the answer HERE.


Answer to bronwenjones-1


My answer to Blake’s question


Going BLUE- week 21 'ANSWER' recording **Green to Blue badge** :large_blue_circle: (Awarded Mondays)
Going GREEN - week 19 'QUESTION' recording **Red to Green badge** :sparkle: (Awarded Mondays)

Well done to all of you, you are now BLUE! :smile:



Ateb i gwestiwn Elwyng (Ionawr 2018)


Answer to a question by @james-searle from @jane-gnosill


Diolch Deborah


Well done @bronwenjones-1 and @jane-gnosill! You have graduated from GREEN to BLUE badge! :smiley:


This is my answer to @jane-gnosill question


Bore da everyone! :smiley:

I will be awarding badges again on Monday, in the meantime please see the following thread for complete information on completing the Speaking Practice Tasks…


In response to Bronwen’s question :grin:


Answer to question


My answer:
The question was ‘Beth wyt ti’n mynd i wneud heno?’


My answer to @gareth-mitchell



Hi Sheila! :slight_smile:

Just wanted to check, did you want to do the going from RED to GREEN badge task first? No pressure and it’s not compulsory, but I didn’t want you to miss out on the chance. :wink:


Congratulations all on going from GREEN to BLUE badges! Great answer recordings! :slight_smile: