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Going BLUE- week 21 'ANSWER' recording **Green to Blue badge** 🔵 (Awarded Mondays)


S’mae, fingers crossed(and toes) i hope I have done this correctly. H is my answer to CatJones question


Llongyfarchiadau mawr! Worked perfectly @gaynor-foulkes-taylo, da iawn :star2:

And good luck @chris-evans-4, hope to see your answer here soon - let us know if this doesn’t work for you and we’ll try to find another solution.



I answered you @ailein-o-clumhain :slight_smile:


Diolch yn fawr @Catjones,
Wnes i fwynhau,
yn fawr iawn


@raquel-raya-chamorro - good job on your recording! I’m debating whether to count it as a blue badge answer :grin: If you’d like to record an answer to a question, you can find them over here, just pick one and answer it :slight_smile: Going GREEN - week 19 'QUESTION' recording **Red to Green badge** ❇ (Awarded Mondays)

Llongyfarchiadau @CatJones! Enjoy your last badge!


Sorry, I’m not very skilled with computers and I don’t know how to record my answers to the questions…can you please show me?


I see from your green badge that you’ve already recorded stuff, recording answers is exactly the same. You just need to find a question that someone has posted in the “red to green badge” thread, record your answer with exactly the same method you recorded your question for your green badge, then post the recording here on this thread. You can say in your post whose question you’re answering, but you don’t need to link to it or anything like that.


I’ve answered @sabine’s question


Llongyfarchiadau @katharine-crew on your last badge! :star2: :star:

@raquel-raya-chamorro - hope Siaron’s explanation helps, let us know if you need more! Looking forward to hearing your answer :slight_smile:


To Answer Mari’s question from an hour ago.

I ateb cwestiwn Mari awr yn ol.


My answer to Michael Hughes’s question

Question from Iain - currently doing Level 1 6MWS Week 10

It was meant to be a simple answer but it became complicated.


Congratulations on your last badges @anne-pilsbury (in another thread), @michael-hughes-3, @lesley-6 and @judith-loveman! :partying_face::sparkles:


Diolch yn fawr!


Diolch yn fawr!


Diolch yn fawr!


This is for Sean’s question


Llongyfarchiadau @kchibbard! Enjoy your last badge! :star2::star2:


Dyma ateb i cwestiwn Iain