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Going BLUE- week 21 'ANSWER' recording **Green to Blue badge** 🔵 (Awarded Mondays)


Exceptional work @morgan1009 and @bronwen-4! You now have your blue badges! :smiley:


Hi Aran I’ve no idea how to post a question :weary:


Diolch yn fawr iawn Catrin…Dw i’n hapus iawn :grinning:


Answer to Rob’s question…


Hi Catrina I’m at Lesson 20 Level 1 and I can’t make head or tail out of how to use the forum and Soundcloud to ask my question :weary:


Hi Pam!

Here’s an explanation of how to work your way through the Speaking Practice tasks, I really hope it helps to guide you through the stages.

You’ve seen a coloured tag on someone’s post, and you’re wondering what it’s all about…

So here’s the deal…

You have to start with PINK.

If they have a PINK badge, it’s because they’ve said out loud a set of sentences they made up for themselves from a collection of prompt words - details here:

The ‘5 Minutes’ Test Going Pink :white_flower:

Once you have PINK, you can move up to RED.

If they have a RED badge, it’s because they then recorded those sentences in Welsh on SoundCloud, and then posted a link to it in the relevant thread on the forum - details here:

The ‘5 Minutes’ Test - SoundCloud ‘Sentences’ recording Pink to Red :red_circle:

Once you have RED, you can push on to GREEN.

If they have a GREEN badge, it’s because they posted a QUESTION in Welsh on SoundCloud, and then posted a link to it in the relevant thread on the forum - details here:

Going GREEN - SoundCloud ‘Question’ recording Red to Green :sparkle:

Once you have GREEN, you can step up to BLUE.

And if they have a BLUE badge, it’s because they’ve ANSWERED someone else’s question (from the Going Green thread) in Welsh, on SoundCloud, and then posted a link to it in the relevant thread on the forum - details here:

Going BLUE - SoundCloud ‘Answer’ recording Green to Blue :large_blue_circle:

Please don’t post your recordings in this thread or post them in new threads as it can become confusing and difficult to keep track of progress - diolch. :slight_smile:

And beyond this…?

You’ll find out before too long… :slight_smile:


Hi Pam, I’m sorry you’re having problems finding your way around the forum. It may take a little while to get used to the layout and how to get to where you want to. But once you’ve spent a little time exploring, you’ll find it quite user friendly and you’ll be familiar with how to find what you’re looking for and how to post in no time.

If you have a look at my post above this one, you’ll find a description (including links) of how to get to grips with working your way through the Speaking Practice challenges. I hope it helps, but please let us know if you have any further problems. You’ll find the forum friendly and helpful. :smiley:


Llongyfarchiadau, you are now BLUE! :smiley:


Answer to Kate Strudwick’s question. Hoffen i beint o gwrw, Kate!


Answer to Leanne’s question. Diolch Leane

Going GREEN - week 19 'QUESTION' recording **Red to Green badge** :sparkle: (Awarded Mondays)

reply to Leane @CatrinLliarJones


Here’s the answer to my question. Can get it to record using new sound recording link in email but once recorded I can’t find it to paste here so done old way using sound cloud sorry.



Bore da!

Sorry that no badges were awarded yesterday - it was Bank Holiday here in the UK. Your new Speaking Practice badges are on their way today! :smiley:


Absolutely superb efforts - llongyfarchiadau! You now have your BLUE badges! :smiley:



Thank you, Diolch yn fawr


Diolch :grinning:. Does it take a while to change as we’re still green?



Answering questions from Huw-Evans (O le wyt ti’n dod?)


Arrrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh! No idea what went wrong there?!

Sorry, will check in the morning… probably a glitch in the matrix… :rofl:


my reply to Jonny Campbell’s question