Going GREEN - SoundCloud 'Question' badge (for red badges only)


Help, I have recorded my question in the speaking practice but cannot work out how to post the link into the going green box like others have done.


Here you go Gary :slight_smile:
All you have to do (for future reference) is to copy the url of the page where you posted (in this case your question in speaking practice) and paste it into a reply on the page you want to refer to it in (in this case this page)


Sorry Siaron, so do I just press the blue reply label to the right of bookmark share etc and then paste my original post? How does it automatically come posted in a box?

Perhaps I need to post a new question and give it a try.



The actual recording appearing automatically happens when you copy and paste the url from soundcloud, but don’t worry - because you’ve already posted in the speaking practice section you don’t need to post the recording here as well, just a link to it (as I put in for you) to make sure the admins (“the badge keepers”!) don’t miss that you’ve recorded your question. :slight_smile:



Question from Helen2 currently doing level 1.



This was a post done in error and had to correct. Hope what I have now posted works. Was having difficulty but read advice given to someone else about pasting in the url





Question from Anne (Level 1).



your question is very clear and easy to understand. I have had to post my answer in week 11 of Slack. Sorry about that.


I hope this is the right place to ask this. Firstly let me say I’m pretty hopeless in social situations - I never know what to say and my mind goes blank (even in English). This is one of the reasons I haven’t had any Skype conversations yet. So you’d think this recorded conversation thing would be excellent for me. Well, yes, but I am feeling some stress about what to ask. At first I was very concerned about asking an original question, especially right at the beginning when there weren’t too many questions. But now there are lots of questions and new answerers joining, there must be repeats of questions already asked, so maybe originality isn’t important at all. And how basic can a question be? Could it be as simple as ‘what is your name?’ or ‘how are you today?’ ?


Yes, Emma, it doesn’t have to be original or complicated, and it doesn’t matter if it’s a question that has been asked before - and it doesn’t have to be perfect Welsh yet either! It’s the task of asking the question that’s important in the learning process, not the question itself.
It’s very common to feel hopeless in social situations - even though I’ve got the hang of video chats on Slack now, this type of anxiety is something I’ve had to deal with over time too - and I know it’s “easier said than done” but recognising when you’re over-thinking a task or situation is a good step towards stopping the over-thinking that causes the anxiety.

Ask as basic a question as you want - you can always ask something longer and more complicated or original later on once you’re comfortable doing so :slight_smile:

And if you ever want to chat on video (or even audio only) on Slack, let me know (or there are plenty of others willing to help too) - it doesn’t have to be a long chat or 100% in Welsh, but it really will help your confidence. :slight_smile:


Hi Emma,

As someone else who finds social situations a bit challenging at times but has done the posting a question bit I’ll second Siaron’s comments that it really doesn’t need to be original. Where are you from, how are you, how long have you been learning Welsh, etc are all fine. I don’t know how good you are with technology but I wrote out what I wanted to say in English then recorded the question several times before picking the least worst one to upload.

The only person who’ll judge you is you, and it’s a great feeling when someone actually understands what you’ve said and posts an answer.


Thanks @siaronjames and @vikta!
That’s really encouraging. I’ll probably have a bit of free time on Monday afternoon, so I’ll make an appointment with myself to try some recording then :slight_smile: Now I’ve said it I’ve no excuse for putting it off any longer.


Here’s another of my inovative questions, this time with mistakes. Forest is “coedwig” and not “coed” as I’ve said.



I did it! Here’s my first question:


And here’s my second:

Now I can start answering some questions!