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Going GREEN - SoundCloud 'Question' recording **Red to Green** ❇

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Here’s my first question to you all!


Ateb i Gwestiwn

Fingers crossed this will work. All the best Lianne.

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Here goes! Question from Shaun - currently doing Level 1


Question from John - currently doing level 1Simple question


Hoping for a green.


Question from Jason Griffiths currently doing level 1


Here’s my question for week 10 :grinning:



Reply to your question, hope it makes sense!

Reply to question


Deallais i ti. Da iawn a diolch (for the reply)


Here is my first question - yikes!



Here’s an answer. Llawr yikes


Answer to question](

Oops forgot mutations


You were :sauropod::frog::dragon_face: for a split second there @paul-pigott :rofl:


Here’s my cwestiwn, and if anyone has an answer I’d be interested to know what it is (although I’ll probably struggle to understand unless it’s in English).


My question. It’s also my first post of any SoundCloud files and one of my first posts on the forum!


Question from Sue currently on Level 1