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Going GREEN - week 19 'QUESTION' recording **Red to Green badge** ❇ (Awarded Mondays)



I’m not sure why your recording is so crackly @peg-thomas
Do you want to have another go at recording it? It’s hard to tell what your question is.

Have we missed awarding your pink and red badges? Those are the tasks previous to this recording a question one. The pink one is for posting “Done it” when you’ve been able to say your sentences in under 5 minutes, and the red one is for posting a recording of them.


@malcolm-ellis a bit quiet for some reason, but clearly pronounced. Da iawn ti!


@gill-fickling have you been able to post the recording of your sentences for your red badge?


Yes, I did.


Was it a while ago @gill-fickling? I’ve looked back to the beginning of April in The ‘5 Min’ Test- week 18 ‘SENTENCES’ recording Pink to Red badge :red_circle: to see where you missed out on your Red Badge, but I can’t find the recording there.


Good thank you


Llongyfarchiadau @rosalind-short! I’ve just scrolled back up and seen you’re sporting a red badge now, so your question has earned you a green one :clap:


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Da iawn @anne-l-p! You’ve moved very swiftly on to your blue badge, so here’s a couple of green icons to acknowledge your Question: :green_heart::frog:




Llongyfarchiadau @jade-c and @steve-barker!

@SarahWales - just pop your sentences recording into Sentences recording (Pink to Red) and then you’ll be able to get your green badge here :slight_smile:


Llongyfarchiadau @SarahWales! :grin::star2::green_heart:



well done! thank you for answering my question.


Da iawn @cj-5! :green_heart::green_heart:


Hi @deborah, unfortunately the recorder function isn’t working for me - it will let me record a question but when I try to paste the link it pastes the recording I did for Week 18. I’ve tried everything to fix it (different browser, private browsing, etc.) but no luck.

My question would be: Wyt ti’n mynd i wylio’r pêl-dried b’nawn Dydd Sul?


Hi @Deborah-SSi I am having the same issue as @SarahWales. So my question was: Pryd mae Owen yn mynd i Abertawe?