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Going GREEN - week 19 'QUESTION' recording **Red to Green badge** ❇ (Awarded Mondays)


Andrea week 7 of 6mth course


Great work, Andrea - now, can you go here:

and then click on ‘+ New Topic’ up towards the top right, and then post that link again, with a title like ‘Question from Andrea for Green Badge’… :slight_smile:


Elizabeth Davey Week10 of the 6 months course


Des Scholes Week 10 on six months course


Llongyfarchiadau! Green badge won - and if you could also create a new thread in ‘Speaking Practice’ with your question as the first post, that would be terrific… :slight_smile:


I hope it makes sense. I tried putting what I was going to say in to Google translate, and it decided that I have a lot of trouble in my garden. That might be true, but wasn’t what I was trying to say…


It was fine Iain - have confidence in the fact that you are always likely to make more sense than google translate :smiley:


I understood Iain I had a go at replying also :grinning:


I’ve posted my question thread here --> Question from Amy currently doing level 1 6MWS

Hopefully I’ve done it all properly!


If I’ve done this right I’ve sneaked it in just before the new week’s email is due and I’m properly up to date for the first time in weeks :slight_smile:



Question from Blake Reynolds - currently doing Level 1




Hope my question is OK




‘New threads’/‘links’/‘ topics’ ‘green badge’ lost in a world of new concepts and the various holosuites of the forum so if this turns up in the wrong place then mae’n drwg genni, Geoff




Simple Question from level 1