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Going GREEN - week 19 'QUESTION' recording **Red to Green badge** ❇ (Awarded Mondays)

Here is my question


Fabulous work @gail-tudor, @peter-siviter, @lynne-ryan, @sue-42 and @nigel-doyle, you now have your green badges!

@AndrewR, I’m so sorry you’ve been having problems with uploading a recording. But no worries, I wholeheartedly salute your effort and have awarded you your GREEN badge. Llongyfarchiadau! :smiley:


Just a reminder to everyone still struggling to record…

For all you who are trying to work your way through Speaking Practise challenges but find yourselves chronically frustrated trying to get SoundCloud to record, I have a temporary solution.

As you may have heard, a solution to this problem is in the SSiW pipeline. There will, sometime in the very near future, an SSiW website based method of recording available.

But in the meantime, if you want to keep on working through your challenges I am willing to award badges based on someone else listening to you speaking your sentences/questions/answers.

If you can get another learner to listen to you via Slack/Zoom/Skype/phone-call/other, then all you have to do is post in the correct Speaking Challenge thread on this forum and tell me you have completed it!

Hope this helps. :smiley:


whoo hoo, thank you. Diolch am fawr iawn Catrin.

I think I might have cracked the soundcloud thingy. Thanks or your Help Rich and for turning me green Catrin

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Here is my offering. Hope you can understand it.


Try again without some weird song in Arabic at the end.

No good with technology.


Cringe hearing myself but here’s my question :sweat_smile:


How do I write on the forum? I can’t see an add button only replies to others?


The big blue ‘reply’ button is actually the ‘post to this thread’ button. If you want to reply to someone’s post specifically, you can use the grey ‘reply with an arrow’ at the bottom of their post. To start an entirely new thread, press the “+new topic” button on the forum main page.


Bore da!

Sorry that no badges were awarded yesterday - it was Bank Holiday here in the UK. Your new Speaking Practice badges are on their way today! :smiley:


Spectacular efforts all of you! You now have your GREEN badges! :smiley:



I hope this link works.


Question from Gwilym - currently doing level 1.


Question from Gareth - Currently doing Level 1.


Hi here is my reply to @ben-25
Dwi mynd I dysgu mwy Cymraeg wythnos hwn.


Hi, I have tried many times to get SoundCloud to work but to no avail, I have recorded a simple question on my phone recorder to post here instead but it will not allow me as it says that it is an unauthorised file type. Mae’n ddrwg gen i but I will not be able to post the question as requested, BW Leigh.