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Going GREEN - week 19 'QUESTION' recording **Red to Green badge** ❇ (Awarded Mondays)


Gwych! Licwn i gwylio’r pel droed ar y teledu.




Ydw. Dwi I’n mynd I mynd Allan at fy beic o’clock Mae tywedd yn braff!


Sorry my phone changes the Welsh!




Hi Hilary, so sorry that you are experiencing problems. This thread should provide you with all the information you need - all the very best…


Well done everyone on some great questions! You have gone from RED to GREEN! :slight_smile:


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I know what you mean roobat32. I find the IT the most challenging part as well


Question form Janet

#645 Hello I am on challenge 18 Dw in newydd dechrau sit i siaradd cymraeg recording tool I will go back to week 5 Diolch yn fawr


Hope this is ok :joy:


Here goes!


Congratulations on your great questions! You atre now GREEN! :slight_smile:



Here’s my question in Welsh for Challenge 18



Did you have a good time with your friends in the pub last night?

#652 seemed appropriate after lock-down!