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Going GREEN - week 19 'QUESTION' recording **Red to Green badge** ❇ (Awarded Mondays)




Da iawn @mari-williams, @kate-48 and @sean-18! Llongyfarchiadau! :star:



Da iawn @jane-b! :green_heart::star2::star2:



My question



Da iawn @tegwen-duffield and @adrian-miller! Oh, and @pam-greengrass - you managed to post yours while I was writing!

I’ll wait for you to submit your sentences for the red badge as well, Adrian, but in the meantime here’s a green sparkle while you’re waiting for your real badge :sparkle: :smile:


Hopefully this has worked, my question for ‘going green’



I hope this has worked, my question for ‘going green’ !!






Does this work? And does it make sense?


Yes and yes :slight_smile:


Great job everyone! Enjoy your second to last badges!

@heather-18 - do you have a red badge recording somewhere? Here’s an emoji badge to keep you going in the meantime! :sparkle::sparkle:


I don’t seem to have a green badge although my question has been acknowledged. Listening to it again, i can’t understand it myself!


Sorry, I got my badges mixed up. Blue comes after green.