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Great Welsh Videos for Learners made by SSiWers


The theme for my YouTube channel is “Explore Wales in Welsh”. Well, of course that’s not possible at the moment, but due to the awful weather during February, I had planned an indoor video as a way of keeping going when it wasn’t possible to film outdoors, so here it is at last.

Two games to help you practise your Welsh: Scrabble Yn Gymraeg and Rory’s Story Cubes. As with my other videos, there are subtitles in English or Welsh.

Oh, and because I did more speaking to camera and actually tell an improvised story, there are lots of mistakes, but I hope you enjoy the video and perhaps might even be inspired to try one or both of the games.


Diolch, I love watching your videos. English instructions, oh dear! I have story dice, handmade sci-fi ones from when I used to subscribe to a book box. I use them for writing occasionally but didn’t think about using story cubes for learning a lanaguage, diddorol. Lovely story! I want to buy the cubes now :slight_smile:


I was aiming to produce a video each month for my YouTube channel and I’ve just about made it! The original idea of the channel has gone out of the window due to the current pandemic, but venturing out for a walk near home is permitted, so I was delighted to see a photography challenge posed by a Norwegian photographer.

You have to walk for exactly 1000 steps, no more, no less and wherever you end up, you take the best landscape photograph that you can.

So here’s my attempt at the 1000 steps landscape photography challenge. It was great fun and got me out with my camera at a time in the morning when I wouldn’t normally be leaving the house. Six thirty a.m. start!


What an excellent idea. Lovely photo, lovely woods, lovely bird song. And I can understand every word you say.
Thank you.


Until I watched the video as I was editing it, I hadn’t realised how often I say, “Reit…” :grin:


After a much longer gap than I wanted, I have just uploaded another video to my YouTube channel.

The weather is rather changeable at the moment, but I grabbed the chance of a beautiful day at the end of September to film a walk through the historic Nannau Deer Park.


Wow @margarethall these videos are brilliant! Great quality video and sound, ideal length and interesting topics - love that you’re willing to share local hidden gems. Thank you for taking the time to put these together!


These are fabulous @margarethall. I might give this a go with my new swanky gimbal when we’re allowed to explore again. Great idea to combine exploring with Welsh practice, my 2 favourite things! The pictures would definitely be better than my Cymraeg though, and not a patch on yours! :slight_smile:


@lynne-ryan Thank you. I hope you do make some videos. The more the merrier! I really can’t find anything much in Welsh on YouTube, other than Hansh and of course Nicky, but he’s been doing other languages recently. I was trying out a new gimbal for my phone in the Nannau video, but mostly it was filmed using the Canon M50 I bought recently. My DSLR doesn’t do video because it’s too old and though I upgraded my phone a couple of years ago to get better video quality, I find a camera easier to handle.

@warrendavies Thank you for your kind words. The original plan for the channel was to travel all over Wales, mostly by train, but of course that wasn’t possible this year. I’ve found making videos an interesting extension of my photography. It’s been a steep learning curve, but I’m getting there.