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Great Welsh Videos for Learners made by SSiWers


THIS! especially given the context of a video going out to a bigger audience than just Welsh speakers. Most people know of Bangor, but if a Swedish person were to watch the video and hear of “Mangor”, “Mhangor” or “Ffangor” or something, they’d probably never find it :D:D:D:D


Just realised I do exactly this when I say I’m from Brighton because when I say “Frighton” it just leads to quizzical looks :joy:


Nice one Sylv. Looking forward to the next one!


“Dw i’n dod o Bangor”

“Yep, I can see the dwy gath”



If someone said to me “Dw i’n dod o Bangor” - I’ll be honest, I wouldn’t even bat an eyelid. However if it was someone who specifically beforehand had told me “Look Nicky, I really want to be perfect. If you ever hear me say anything incorrect, please correct everything”… then I would reply “O! Ti’n dod o Fangor wyt ti?”

That way, I’m correcting, but in a way where they will see the correction, and the conversation need not stop :slight_smile:


@Sylv and @Nicky

When in some TV show I finally understood that Mharis was actually Paris, I couldn’t believe it.

However Frighton and Fangor make pretty great horror stories town names! :grin:



Between Frighton and Fangor!

There’s a bit of a debate on mutating place names from abroad. Some people say if they’ve got a Welsh name - like Manceinion, Llundain, Caer etc… then they’re fair game. Some say you shouldn’t (i.e should one of the most famous Welsh songs ever “Rhedeg i Paris” have been “Rhedeg i Baris”? :smile:


Just another comment that this is really something special - 3,000 views in a day on a Welsh language video - of which I’d hazard a guess saying 95% of the audience aren’t even Welsh speakers, is absolutely superb for the language and its visibility outside of these shores.

So an extra big up from me!


Which is why, with an audience like that, it’s so useful to have the English translations alongside the Welsh. It’s not simply a challenge for Welsh learners this time, but giving a positive introduction to Welsh to many who’ve never stopped to consider it before.


Thank you for doing this. It’s nice to hear Welsh “in the wild”. I especially liked the elder ladies sense of humour in describing Dolgellau. The video had me smiling all the way through as it seemed a lot of fun.


Thanks @liam-murphy They were fab weren’t they? Maybe they will be back in part 2… :smirk:


Da iawn Sylvie, this is amazing :heart_eyes:


I never actually thought of doing that. My solution was to just put my hand over the bottom of the screen. :laughing:


You should have them come with you around other towns as well! :smiley:


:open_mouth:That would be be dreamy :blush:


This is great @Sylv, looking forward to the next instalment. Let us know when it is up.

PS are you coming to the bwtcamp in the summer?


Brilliant - encouraging new learners and some not so new to go out and use their welsh. Not to mention those who do not even try to learn because think the language isn’t used in the street. The only time a native speaker has corrected me (and he asked if I minded first) was too say my classroom welsh was far too formal and he struggled to understand it). When I used simple forms - no problem. He said a lot of his friends avoided talking to learners because they were frightened their Welsh wasn’t good enough!


@Iestyn is absolutely correct. Many parents use the same method to bring up their children. It usually works really well.
As far as sub-titles go, I do understand the distraction but having said that I still need them, but hope not to need them in the future!


This is great Sylvie :slight_smile: x


Really enjoyed the video. I do like Welsh and English sub-titles but understand how they can distract people. (I need them)
I watch many Welsh music videos posted by ‘Distant Dreamer’ on youtube. They always have both language sub-titles. The best are the ones where a gap is put between the two languages. Just my opinion but worth a mention.
Very well done though and its lovely that the people interviewed look so happy and relaxed. That’s down to
the interviewer I think.
Thank you so much, I look forward to the next one.