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Great Welsh Videos for Learners made by SSiWers


Hi, these episodes have been great so far and many thanks for them.

I’ve been watching some of the other ‘Easy language’ videos (Spanish, Polish etc) and I see that each video usually centres around a particular conversational subject, for example one might be about professions/what people do for a living, another might be about what people are doing today, what they believe in, what their happiest childhood memory was, etc. Within each conversation, there is a list of associated questions, for example if they ask someone what their profession is, they might also ask ‘why did you chose this career?’ and ‘what would you be if you weren’t a (teacher/artist/secretary etc)?’

I was wondering whether you’re going to do something similar with ‘Easy Welsh’? That way, by watching the videos, we can build up our conversational skills around different and interesting subjects. If you have a look at ‘Easy Spanish’, for example, you’ll get some ideas for the sort of things you might wish to include.

Most likely you already have all this planned anyway, but I just thought I’d share my suggestions!


Ah…SSiWers does sound more contagious than catchy I must agree…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Chwarae teg! :hushed:


Talking about differences of language in different areas…I’ve learnt fair play in English and Welsh at the same time, from this Forum and in Wales - where everybody uses it all the time!
In Italy (and in general, for what I remembered so far) we use it only for sports!


Hi @neil-kendall thanks for your nice feedback and suggestion, yes that’s the plan, most of what’s appeared online so far was done over a few days, still getting used to interviewing, holding the equipment the right way up etc :laughing:


Good stuff - you’re doing a great job so far, and we all really appreciate your work. I’m really looking forward to more videos. I’ll definitely be going through them all.


“Chwarae teg” can also be used in another context to express surprise and admiration.
For instance if someone said in Welsh “I’m 86 and jog 15 miles a day” I might answer “Chwarae teg!”
I’m not sure how widespread this use is, but I often hear it in Ceredigion and Sir Gar.


Yes, I’d say particularly Wales and Ireland, wouldn’t you? Very Celtic. “Fair play to you”.


Definitely. Along with Is that right. It’s not a question, by the by.


I wonder how she would feel about her life discussed on a secret on-line forum. :thinking:


It’s secret?


“Do you know that Huw had a Suzuki Katana? And also rode bikes wearing cuban heeled shoes and lime green Safari suits with flared trousers ?”
“Chwarae teg!” :grin: :wink:

p.s. thanks, I’ll keep it in mind! :slight_smile:


Well, she says her name and where she comes from to the camera in the video and was on a TV programme in Aberteifi. And anyone can read this forum.
Not exactly secret details in a secret forum, we’re discussing! :thinking:


I feel very embarrassed posting this because I was brought up not to “blow my own trumpet”, but I have made a video. It will be, I hope, the first in a series where I travel around Wales and visit interesting places and talk about them. I should be suitable for learners. I’ve added subtitles in English and hope to add Welsh ones too, but won’t have time to do that for a while.

My videos will not actually be about learning Welsh, they’re intended for people who want to learn about Wales. I know we have quite a few SSiWers who don’t live in Wales and who might like to see places of interest.

Here’s the link to my YouTube channel. I’m not a natural like Nicky and really need to practise speaking direct to camera. But I had to start somewhere! I hope to get more confident as I go on.


Diolch and well done. The more videos in Welsh the better for everyone as far as I’m concerned. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next one…What a great excuse to travel around Wales too, lucky you. Let me know when Pembs is in your list and maybe meet for a dishgled neu panned. :coffee:


Thanks for making and posting the video, Margaret. I enjoyed it and it’s great to learn more about the language and places and history and stories.
As a SSiW who doesn’t live in Wales I really appreciate! :slight_smile:

I totally agree with this attitude. :wink: And looking forward to the next one!


A great and interesting video. Diolch yn fawr iawn, Margaret. I’m looking forward to see more.


Diolch @margarethall mwynheais hynny’n fawr iawn. Roedd hi’n ymlacio iawn a diddorol hefyd - roedd yr cerddoriaeth yn dda hefyd - professional iawn! Alla i ddim aros am yr un nesa.

I really enjoyed that. It was very relaxing and interesting - good music too - very professional!

Rich :slight_smile:


Lovely video, Margaret! When you’ve covered some of the more obviously beautiful and historic places reached by train, can I make a plea for Dyfi Junction, described in Cambrian Line’s own railway line guide as ‘Convenient for nowhere, this lonely station is good for bird-watching and not much else!’ I feel sure there’s a video just waiting to be made there…


That was wonderful, Margaret. It brought back a lot of memories. I look forward to the next one.