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Great Welsh Videos for Learners made by SSiWers


Roedd hynny’n wych, Margaret! And your diction is very clear. I shall certainly be watching it again, without reading the subtitles.


Dw i’n caru Bae Caerdydd, Margeret. Mae gyda fi lysferch sy’n byw yng Nghaerdydd a dw i’n mynd i Gaerdydd yn aml. Mae’n hyfryd iawn.


Awesome! :clap: :clap: :clap: I look forward to getting back to somewhere with proper internet when I can load and watch it :blush:


YES great idea!


Did you know that there’s a Welsh novel set at Dyfi Junction? I haven’t read it, but my husband has.

But I will be visiting Dyfi Junction when I do the Cambrian Coast line.


I thoroughly enjoyed that! Very professionally done. Your diction and speed of speech were great for learners. I liked the music. And as someone not from Wales, it was really interesting. I look forward to the next video! Diolch, a da iawn ti! :slight_smile:


Great tip, Margaret! And when I ordered ‘Dyfi Jyncshiwn - y dyn blin’ by Gareth F Williams, I found out he’s written a sequel! You might need more than one video to do justice to this station.


I really enjoyed your video Margaret and look forward to the next one.
Don’t forget to stop at Y Trallwng on your way to Dyfi junction where we offer Offas dyke, Owain Glyndwyr way, Montgomery canal, Powysland museum, Welshpool and Llanfair light railway, one of Europe’s largest livestock markets which the Queen opened and the cockpit.
Diolch yn fawr iawn and happy journeys.


Excellent work Margaret, bendigedig!


I won’t be able to do all those in one video! I aim to start with one video a month, hopefully increasing to two a month once I get faster at everything. I plan to do have two strands to my video channel. One will be travelling on all the railways, so for example I’ll do Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth and also Pwllheli to Aberystwyth. There will be brief stops along the way. But I also want to do “Mynd am dro efo Margaret” (Go for a walk with Margaret) where trains will not necessarily be involved and I’ll explore small area in more detail. So there could be a whole video on Y Trallwng as well as passing through it on the train.

I hope you enjoy the books, Bronwen!


I’m reading Y Dyn Blin at the moment - I’m on p60. I’ve borrowed it from the library. On the spine it’s marked as ‘local history’, which is a bit strange for a novel - I don’t think it’s a true story :thinking:


I have a copy, and also a copy of “Dyfi Jyncshiyn - Y Ddynes yn yr Haul”. I bought them in an early fit of enthusiasm, but I think that it will be a long time before I am able to read them.


I have quite a few Welsh books that fall into that category, but I am now at a level where I can finally make some progress with them.


This is so amazing @margarethall this was really interesting and so well made!
I’ll be moving and working in Cardiff in a couple months and this was such a great way to discover it through Cymraeg and see some things I’ll be checking out around the Bae! Diolch yn fawr!


Thank you! That is so encouraging. I’m working on my plans for the next video which I’ll shoot as soon as I’ve worked out the details and there is a fine day.


Wow! MargaretHall - dyna diddorol iawn. It’s fantastic you have the English with spoken Welsh, as it really helped me with a couple of concepts I’ve been struggling with and I could hear your words clearly. For me, your series will be one for me to watch. Diolch yn fawr.

Question for you, where did you find the music to play in the background?


I’m glad you’re finding the video interesting and useful. It’s really encouraged me to keep going. :slight_smile:

The music was from a website called Bensound. They have a good selection of music clips that are free to use for non-commercial purposes.


Sorry @margarethall that I’ve only just seen this!

I, like yourself, was glued to my computer for the whole of Summer 2017 when Vicky and Geoff took part in their train adventure, so I’m glad we’ve got a Welsh equivalent as well!

Excellent work, looking forward to the journey!


Gwaith gwych, @margarethall!

@dee, you seen this? :slight_smile:


Diolch! I hadn’t seen it, and just assumed it was more comments on Sylv’s videos! It’s in the newsletter now :slight_smile: