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Great Welsh Videos for Learners made by SSiWers


Oh, thank you! I’ll have to keep making them now! :grin:


The fact that you’ve got subtitles as well, you should put this out on Twitter with an #allthestations hashtag. I can see lots of their fans getting into this!


Perhaps when I’ve done a few more I’ll publicise my channel more widely. Not all the videos will feature railways though, just for practical reasons. Some will be exploring a place of interest. However, I like your suggestion. I could make a point of publicising the train ones more.


What about separating the threads so that @margarethall and @Sylv have a thread each? It might be easier to find their videos then. I am really looking forward to more.


I see why you’re proposing this. But, honestly, I think @margarethall made a brilliant choice, because I never would have seen @Sylv videos. It would be brilliant if this other SSiW members, mostly Nicky, had their videos under one thread. Much easier to find that way. It would be an additional resource for the forum.


Nice one Margret, great video! Glad you shared and please watch the next one :clap:

What do you use for editing?
Let me know if you are ever in Cardiff again and we’ll have a paned :blush:


I’m happy either way!
Seems like to fine idea to have one thread about all the vids in one place? Not sure if I can edit the title of the post now to make it more relevant as I’ve edited already but maybe an admin can?


Yes, things to be said for both approaches. There are so many threads already that maybe a new one would not help. We are all so very active - which is great of course. I visit another forum where there can be months between posts.


I think it makes it easier for forum users when related items are in the same place - so I’ve taken the liberty of changing the thread title for you :slight_smile:


I added my video to the existing thread because I think Aran prefers to continue existing threads if possible, rather than create new ones – also see my comment about not liking to blow my own trumpet! – so I thought adding it to an existing thread would be best. But I can see arguments for both approaches.

I’ll be doing well to produce a video a month. I don’t know how frequently the Easy Welsh ones will appear, but I don’t think this thread will move very fast as long as it’s limited to videos BY SSiWers and not for posting about Welsh videos in general.

@Sylv, the editing software I’m using is Shotcut. it’s free, open source program which is plenty powerful for my needs. Like all open source software, there are lots of helpful instructions produced by users, so thought the official help is limited, it’s fairly easy to learn enough to get started and then leanr more features on a “need to know” basis.

We visit Cardiff fairly regularly because the offspring live in South Wales and my husband has a tiny part-time job that necessitates meetings there occasionally. Next time I’m heading South, I’ll let people know.


Similar, 1-2 per month :slight_smile:
Here’s the latest which I forgot to post here, the hotly, well warmly, anticipated Dolgellau part 2:


Diolch! Great idea. Great job! Just started a few months ago and delighted to know a few of the words spoken.


Glad to see the two fab ladies again! :smiley:

(Even though Machynlleth and Michael Williams accent in the meantime have become and now stay my favourites) :smiley:
@BronwenLewis, @nia.llywelyn BTW I always forgot to ask what’s the Plas Garden?


When you do arrive in Aberystwyth let me know, if schedules work out I would love to get you to meet my friend Jeff (no relation to Geoff!) who has a God-level knowledge and obsession with anything train related if you ever needed a stats man!


Wow, Margaret - Da iawn! - Lovely pictures and informative script delivered SO clearly. Just what I need to learn more about our wonderful country and to practise listening and understanding. And if I get stuck I have the English sub-titles. Perffaith! You have widened my vocabulary as well. Diolch yn fawr iawn. Pob luc for the future trips. I look forward to them.


Fideo gwych Margaret. Dwi’n byw yn dde Cymru a meddyles oedd e’n diddorol iawn. Dwi’di cerdded o gwmpas ardal y bai, ond erioed wedi gweld y lle ar cof Ianto.

Excellent video Margaret. I live in South Wales and I thought it was very interesting. I’ve walked around the bay are but never seen the place for Ianto’s memory.

Diolch. Dwi’n edrych ymlaen y pennod nesa :grinning:


I’ll be visiting Aberystwyth a few time as there’s the Cliff Railway, the Devil’s Bridge railway and of course the Cambrian coast railway.

However, the next video will probably be in the parallel series that I’m calling ‘Mynd am Dro Efo Margaret’ and I’ll be exploring Barmouth.


Hi @gisella-albertini , pryd wyt ti’n dod i Fachynlleth nesa?


ble mae’r linc i’r fideo @KShreeve? diolch


Hi Nia,
as soon as I know when I come to Wales nesa, I’ll have an idea. :wink: