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Halfway there!


I have now reached the midway point in the new book, and on course to meet the December delivery deadline - and of course I am SO bursting with excitement and general thrilledness that I HAD to share some of it around, and I couldn’t think of a better or more ideal bunch of share-victims than you lovely lot on here! :slight_smile:

I think (and hope!) that you will like it - it’s different from what’s gone before, and will hopefully annoy and outrage ALL the right people… :wink:

OK, annwyl gyfeillion - you can all get back to what you were doing before this advert break…


You mean even those who would not normally buy a book about theory/grammar of a language like me might be interested? :wink:


Llongyfa… (you can have the other half of the congratulations when you finish :grinning:).

Will it be out for Christmas? It’s another 9 months after that to my birthday…


Rather love that :heart:

Llongyfs mawr, Gareth! Pob lwc efo’r gweddill… :slight_smile:


Now I’m really panicking. After we’ve struggled for years to learn the grammar rules in your books, you’ve come up with new ones?


Well, in mutual consolation, we, at this stage, don’t really know how long the new book is going to be…


I’m hoping that there will be a whole chapter on Ydy/Mae.


Again, that is a spooky bit of synchronicity - I have just this week done the entries on both Ydy/Yw and Mae !


I think you will be, Gisella :wink:

(Not that there isn’t SOME grammar in it, of course…)


Unfortunately not till Spring, Isata.

Do what I do - have an ‘official’ birthday that is on a different day from your biological birthday. And in this case for you, I suggest somewhere around March.


The same ones, Bronwen - but in lovely new clothes… :slight_smile:


About 200 pages is the limit I’ve been given…and I’m pretty well sticking to it so far, for it is important to keep one’s publishers happy. I could probably push it a bit, but we want to keep the price down (!) if we can…


Are Llongyfs mawr the same as Llongyfarchiadau bach? :grimacing:


No no, they’re much bigger… :wink:


Llyfr newydd wedi’i orffen ac yn nwylo’r cyhoeddwyr yn brydlon - manylion pellach cyn bo hir i’r rhai â diddordeb.
New book finished and delivered to publishers on time - further info shortly for those interested.

Here endeth the advert break :slight_smile:


Gadewch i ni wybod pan fydd hi ar gael - bydd @catrinlliarjones yn gallu cynnwys plyg yn yr ebost wythnosol :slight_smile:


Mi wna i - diolch!!

Wrthi’n cwblhau’r odds’n’ends heddiw, a chynllun a llun y clawr hefyd.

Na i bostio cipolwg ar y clawr a’r dudalen gynnwys fan hyn yn y dyddiau nesa er gwybodaeth i’r sawl â diddordeb.



Gwych! Pryd fydd y llyfr yn cyrhaedd y siopau? Mae gyda fi ben-blwydd yn dod i fyny! :wink:

Rich :slight_smile:


Yn nwylo’r adran gynhyrchu ddiwedd yr wythnos 'ma.

Pryd yn union mae dy benblwydd? :slight_smile:


6ed Chwefror :upside_down_face: