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Halfway there!


Many thanks, Gareth. Much appreciated!


Llyfr newydd bellach yn nwylo’r argraffwyr - felly ar gael ymhen pythefnos, mwy na lai.
New book now with the printers - so available in about a fortnight.




I pre-ordered mine months ago with the delivery address set to the office - but now I don’t know when we’ll be back in the office! I’ll be able to arrange to collect it I’m sure.


Oddly enough, just this morning I received a notice from Amazon that delivery is delayed (from I can’t remember which date in July to August 4th)! :thinking:

P s. Getting in straight from the publisher would have been too expensive with shipping


That could be Amazon just covering itself - certainly Amazon UK is still saying June, and the publishers told me in an email today that it would indeed be out this month.


I’ve not had anything to say that it will be delayed and tomorrow (Friday) was the date given by Amazon for publication, for the UK, at least.
I pre-ordered it months ago and I’m now looking forward to it finally dropping through my letterbox soon. :crossed_fingers:


Unfortunately I have noticed when looking at My Orders on Amazon that the date disappeared 2-3 weeks ago…

…it changed to ‘Delivery Date Pending’ ‘We’ll email you when we have a delivery date’.

Ah well…

Good things come to those who…

Rich :slight_smile:


I have just checked again and it still says tomorrow.





Hi Gareth,

Do you have an inside track on whether the shedule has changed (or not)?

Rich :slight_smile:


No Rich, they never tell me anything, and like you I am expecting it to be out tomorrow. There have been no hitches in production as far as I know.


I see…the delivery date has gone on my order - as per above - which I took as being significant - but maybe it isn’t then.

Rich :slight_smile:


And today it’s status has changed to “Temporarily out of stock”…


Yes - I suppose ‘temporarily out of stock’ could mean that a lot of people have ‘pre-ordered’ (or ‘ordered’, as we used to say!) and that the initial stock has therefore all been despatched.

Perhaps when one arrives, the happy recipient can announce that. :slight_smile:


Regretfully @garethrking, I don’t think that that is the case. My order, placed at the beginning of February, is shown as “Not yet dispatched. We’ll email you when available”.
I’ll have to find something else to do this weekend. Bournemouth beach? :scream:


How annoying.
I have been trying to ask the publishers for info, but they too appear to have headed for Bournemouth beach. :confused:


I’ve had an email from Amazon this afternoon saying they are trying to obtain a copy - almost certainly an automated email for pre-ordered products, sent on their release date.

It might be better not to watch the pot on this one! :smile:

Rich :slight_smile:


You’re right of course - but it’s frustrating, isn’t it?

I’ve just got through to my publisher, and she tells me the warehouses have only just opened - implying I think that it won’t be too long. Sounds like this is a Covid effect, and all these warehouses have been closed until now. Probably optimistic news, then.


Woohoo! Progress!

email today :
Please be advised that we have a revised delivery date for the items you ordered on February 08 2020 .

King, Gareth “Working Welsh: A Guide to the Mechanics of the Language”
Estimated arrival date: July 28 2020 - July 29 2020