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Halfway there!


Well that is certainly progress of a sort, Siaron, in that they are now at least talking of ‘delivery’, aren’t they? On the other hand, the date they give you is one week later than the date given on Amazon itself, which in turn had been postponed by a month!

We will keep thinking positive thoughts!!


Well one thing is guaranteed - we know it’ll be worth waiting for! :smiley:


You’re very kind. :slight_smile:

And they’re probably covering themselves - I wouldn’t be surprised if it arrived sooner than that.


Two small bits of good news, though - I see that the price has dropped slightly again! And there IS a ‘Look Inside’ option to whet your appetite, at least. :slight_smile:

I think they’ve done a good job with the overall look on the page. :slight_smile:


@siaronjames in Italy delivery date moved forward a bit again (it was early july at first, then early august, then last week 21 July now 31 July…oh whatever, someday it will arrive! :smiley:

Actually at pre-order it said "lowest price guaranteed " meaning that you won’t pay the price of the day you ordered nor the day it is shipped, but the lowest price in that interval of time. Sounds good!


Well MY copies have just arrived - everyone else’s shouldn’t be far behind! :smiley:


Newyddion da. Have been eagerly waiting after giving an advance order to Amazo many months ago.


@garethrking It’s arrived!
It’s now time to change the thread title, methinks.





Yay! Diolch am roi gwybod! Thanks for letting me know! :slight_smile:




:scream: I’ve just had an email - it’s been dispatched! :woman_cartwheeling:


Excellent! Hope it proves worth the wait! :slight_smile:


I ordered mine from Routledge, the publisher, having cancelled my original order with Amazon, which led to it arriving last Thursday. Having had the chance to have a good look at it over the weekend, I think that it was well worth the wait.

It’s my kind of book; one that you can dip into when you want to know about a specific point, rather than one to wade through from one end to the other. There are a number of things that I like, for example the way that linked topics are signposted, the way that the ‘must nots’ have been struck through to make it obvious that they are wrong and the way that Gog and Hwntw variations are included throughout. You don’t need to be a grammar buff to understand it as for those who don’t know the preterite from a pronoun there are clear explanations at the back of the book. The style of writing is more like an avuncular chat than a lesson and I don’t remember ever smiling while reading a grammar book before. I will be keeping this to hand (with my other @garethrking reference books).


Thank you for your kind and detailed feedback, @SteakAndEggs ! :slight_smile:


Yay! Mine’s now been dispatched - should be here by Saturday :smiley:


Yay! :slight_smile:


…and of course, as we’d expect, it is a completely absorbing read :+1: :sunny:

A perfect book for those who are up and running and would benefit from their ideas being ‘shaken down’, broadened, consolidated, cross-stitched - as well as an ongoing source of reference.

I’m sure there will be much said about it - but I have a favourite line from it which goes…

"It’s a common enough (and understandable) error to translate X as Y, or even Z, buts it’s wrong, wrong, wrong. And also wrong. "

:rofl: :smile: :joy:

Rich :slight_smile:


Thanks Rich - delighted that you like it! :slight_smile:


Ta-Dah !!! looking forward to getting stuck in to it now!