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Ham radio net?


I recently got my Amateur radio operators Foundation license and wondered if there was anyone else in the community that has a license. I thought if there were a few of us we could maybe set up a weekly net. Obviously this would depend on numbers and locations since Im limited by my license to 10w. Even if I cant join it myself, I thought it might be a good idea anyway ! 73, MW7MRK.


@dee - an interesting one for the email? :slight_smile:


I’ve wondered (idly) about getting a licence a few times. What’s involved please Mark?


Its not difficult if you have a basic grasp of simple maths and can understand simple technology. The RSGB (Radio Society of Great Britain) recommend around 12 hours of study to achieve the Foundation license. I found the best way was to study via an online course with essex ham which is free. Its a virtual course that will get you to the point where you can confidently sit the exam. Unfortunately, the exam has to be invigilated by a qualified examiner, which you will find in your local Ham radio club. There is also some practical testing involved which means setting up a simple station, making and receiving a simple call and change frequency on HF/VHF/UHF , Theres also a simple Morse send and receive test which is not timed, is done with the examiner, and you have a cheat sheet to refer to so sounds more scary than it is. Best thing to do is turn up at a local club, and they will be more than happy to advise and support you throughout it all. Some clubs offer a weekend crash course. My club insisted I spend an hour and a half every week going over what I had learned. There is a 70% pass mark, and a £27.50 exam fee. The clubs approach paid off as I scored 92.4% in the exam. Sounds impressive but there are only something like 26 questions and its multiple choice. I used this, you may find it worth a shot. /good luck. Im always available if you want more help. Also am on Facebook, feel free to contact me.


Hi Mark - congratulations on the licence. I’d be quite happy to chat - preferably in Welsh but as you like. However, it will depend a bit where you’re located. I’m in between Aberystwyth and Tregaron. 73 Bryn GW4ZHI


Hi Bryn. I’m a double newbie having only recently started learning Welsh and also only having had my foundation for a few months. I live in Caerphilly and am z member of GW6GW Blackwood club. I have my 2m/70cm sorted out and it looks like hf might be on the cards shortly once I can get my Western hf10 up high enough to get a workable swr on it. Not sure about network radio yet, but I’m not dismissing it either. 73, de Mark MW7MRK


My father was G3KZY. He made his own transmitter using ex-army stuff nd much later bought equipment to give him a wider reach. We grew up with all manner of gadgets that he made.


What a great childhood you must have had. Making things is still very much a part of the hobby for some. I cant afford all the shiny new stuff that’s out there so tend to repurpose or build things I need.


We always had fun when moving house because we all had to help raising the aerial!