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Diolch yn fawr iawn!


Gwych! Diolch yn fawr iawn!


Michael - re the startharp course, I don’t ‘do’ facebook - would that mean missing out on an essential part of the course do you think? I wanna sign up but don’t wanna miss out on a key element. Thanks!


PS, did you know the correct verb for to play the harp is canu not chwarae as for other instruments?! :heart_eyes: Perfect!


Not at all. I only joined Facebook when I joined the course but it’s just a way to disseminate information but you get regularly emails about comments and online meetings etc anyway so if you didn’t want to get a Facebook account it’s not a problem. There is a weekly Zoom meeting on Sunday evenings which works really well, like a mini masterclass, even for beginners!


I did! My partner is a Cofi (first language Welsh speaker from Caernarfon) who told me but he tends to use the word lladd when I say I’m off upstairs to play…!


Signing up this evening! :laughing:


Don’t forget the early bird discount! If it’s not up on the website just email Shelley and she’ll send it to you.

Happy harping!


Oh no! I just paid! I assumed that if the discount wee available it would be mentioned somewhere? :frowning:

Edit - have emailed her to see whether it can be applied retroactively!


I had a look on the page but I couldn’t see the price for the course. Can anyone enlighten me? Discount code sounds good, hope you get it Telyn_Marco


It’s 295 for the 12 weeks and 245 with the discount… we shall see what she says!


Does he mean llad in the sense of ‘strike’ as in having a bash about on the thing or what?! Lol


Lladd in the sense of ‘kill’ or ‘butcher’!!


Oh I see! Lol!

Is Shelley usually good at responding to emails? I paid on 28th and sent her the facebook question through the website on same day and also emailed her same day. Had an automated order confirmation but nowt else!


I know that she is really busy and she will usually get back to you eventually! Might be worth dropping her another email.

Have you had your harp yet? Mine was dispatched on Tuesday but went from Swansea (Abertawe) to Llundain (London) instead of coming to Sheffield… but apparently it’s on the way now and should arrive tomorrow, fingers crossed!


I’ll give her til tomorrow before sending another.

Mine has been collected and last update it was at Swansea depot. I picked up a lovely used solid wood adjustable music stand today for a tenner! Matches my furniture and eveything lol


Oh, great! Mine went to the Swansea depot but then got routed to London (?human/computer error - no-one seems to know…) but i have been reassured it is on the way and should be delivered tomorrow.
I also ordered the plinth, too. Hopefully all arrives in good order…!

Oh lovely re the music stand, please do send pics! Is it quite an ornate one? I just got a black metal one from Amazon which funnily enough does match my piano but is perfect for filming yourself playing the harp (you have to submit video homework on the Start Harp course) and when Skyping for piano lessons.

Keep me updated!


Not super ornate no. Quite simple actually. Gonna use a camera tripod for filming my practice. Sounds like you are on a veritable musical quest with piano too!!


Do you live in Sheffield? I’m in Sheffield :blush:


I’m trying! I’ve taught myself to play and read music 20 years but have decided the take the plunge and work through the grades and have lessons etc

My harp arrives today!! It is just AMAZING! Will put up pictures later