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I’m not able to sign up for the next round of lessons as I’ve already committed to another 6 week course in Cymraeg. Looks like she runs the intensive days in the National Botanical Gardens from the pictures. Will def look to signing up for the next round of lessons though. Good luck those starting this month. Be good to know how you’re getting on. This is my harp; an Aoyama Kerry 34. I am searching at the moment for a harp made by a local maker now sadly passed but I remember going to his workshop when I was a teenager :slight_smile:


'Afternoon! Have you had any contact from the elusive Shelley yet? I’ve emailed again and called the landline number and left a message. Wondering whether my emails landed in her junk folder, though I did also send one through her website.

Still can’t see any mention of the early bird code on the site either though I did notice that new registrants are supposed to receive a Sign Up Certificate within 48hrs of paying so there is definitely some kind of hitch as this hasn’t been received either!

Edit: also just texted her mobile number.

2nd Edit: Now getting “error sending” messages when trying to email her. Either her inbox is full or there’s some other kind of tech problem with her server.


Hello Marco, I have just posted the book ( 2nd class) so you should get it mid next week.
I haven’t had anything from Shelley apart from a receipt for my payment - no certificate, and no discount code! I will wait until after the weekend before I chase further. Let me know if you make contact!


Hi and thanks so much for sending the book!

Shelley has been in touch in response to my text and all appears to be well. I get the impression she is flat out setting up one of her new courses at the moment hence delays in dealing with certain matters. She’s promised to reply to my emails separately. I think we both signed up during the early bird period so am hopeful of receiving a partial refund though that has not been discussed directly yet.


Many thanks for letting me know.


I’m wondering how long you’d been playing the piano before starting the harp? The simultaneous use of both hands for separate tasks will have definitely made the harp easier according to some reading I’ve done on the matter.

In any event, that Wk7 vid you linked is amazing! If I get anywhere near that after 7 weeks I’m going to be jumping for joy!!

Edit: PS some more good feedback for you. The mymusictheory explanations are way, way clearer and easier to grasp than the Open Uni music theory course!! Thanks so much for that tip!


Lovely! My face to face harp teacher has this - I find the spacing a bit smaller than on my Eos so I’m always brushing the adjacent stings!


So for anyone following this thread, the early bird discount is SH50 which can be used on all level of courses - sign up now! You won’t regret it! Maybe @aran can publicise also?


Thanks :slight_smile: I bought her ail-llaw 2nd hand. Bit of a bargain really…Agree I too brush the other strings and it’s annoying lol. I thought it was my rubbish technique (prob is) Good to know yours has larger spacing, maybe Santa will be good to me at some point. Will keep the course on the backburner for now until my summer course finishes. Hwyl


I’m sure we can give that a plug in the next email :slight_smile: @CatrinLliarJones


Champion :slight_smile:


Shelley is lovely and a very experienced teacher. I thought of joining her Dynamic Harps Virtual Ensemble but I have Skype lessons with Harriet Earis which I decided gave me enough work to do.

She speaks Welsh.

I was going to post a picture of one of the first Eos harps from Telynau Teifi but it’s popped a string so I’ll have to fix it first


Hi all,

There is still time to sign up to the START HARP course, early bird discount code of SH50.
The course is running over 10 weeks and not 12 so will actually be cheaper than as advertised (some money will be refunded).
Please see the link to final project for the Level 1 course - I have ONLY been using this course for 12 weeks whilst working full time as an NHS consultant… so if I can do this in my limited free time, I’m sure everyone else will be loads better than me!

Cofion cynnes,


Beautiful Michael da iawn ti…gorgeous tone on your harp too, making me feel quite tempted to spend pennies…hmmmmm


Wow. That was great, Michael! Llongyfarchiadau!

I started Week 1 Level 1 this morning and am already loving the course!

Time for a walk before some more Tea, Cream, Coffee, Capuccino and Rest, I think! :wink:


Helo telynorion! (Is there a feminine plural as well, I’ve only just started learning?)

I joined SSi earlier today, and what a lovely surprise to find a harp thread on here! - I play a 32-string German hook harp, which, in spite of that name and luckily for me, has been vandalised by the previous owner and fitted with levers. (Originally it’s a replica of an 18th-century travelling harp and would have had tuning hooks.)

I’ve had that harp for ages, but being self-taught and also a not very disciplined practiser, I’ve been sort of stuck in the intermediate rut for years. When lockdown is over, I’m going to start some proper lessons at last!

Unfortunately I haven’t got any Welsh tunes in my repertoire apart from Morfa’r Frenhines and Glan Meddwdod Mwyn, but I’ll learn some more, I promise! I just enjoy Irish and Scottish trad too much and am happiest in a good trad session, where I usually stick to backing (chords), unless someone asks for a solo.

Do you guys know about the Harp Summer School run by Glasbury Arts, usually around the end of August (not this year, obviously)? A lot of the people who attend and also some of the tutors speak Welsh, so it’s a great chance to get practice for both your favourite skills. :slight_smile:

Also, the Lady Llanover Society holds the occasional harp day near Abergavenny. I haven’t been, but I think a lot of Welsh is spoken there.


Knowing my feelings about harp music, @helenlindsay sent me this clip:


Croeso @Susanne, I’m trying to teach myself harp. Since Feb really on and off.
I need some lessons too and will be looking into the START HARP course mentioned above, or maybe a local tutor I know of. Thanks for the links to the summer schools they sound great, and not too far from where I live which is a bonus. All the best Caz


Hi Caz,

aargh, now I’ve made a complete hash of my reply - still learning the ropes of this platform. I’d seen that I’d replied to the thread rather than you, wanted to change that (that’s why it’s says “post withdrawn” further down), and now the system doesn’t want me to post the same text again … Hmpf. So this is a second attempt, let’s see what happens …

When I started out I used music by Christoph Pampuch, if you’re interested you can find it here. (If you want to see samples and have a listen, you need to go to “Harfennoten” rather than “Shop”.) The short but very helpful notes in the books are in German, I’m afraid, but I’d be happy to help with them. I found the progression in there just right for my own personal learning curve.

The second book The Foggy Dew has four Welsh tunes, too: Cader Idris, Ar Hyd y Nos, Breuddwyd y Frenhines and Bwlch Llanberis (which, for reasons unknown, he gives as “Farewell Carolina”).

After lockdown, I’m hoping to get some lessons with my talented young neighbour Rose Graham. You can hear her play here (from 7:28! :grinning:). My main goals are a decent hand position (big problem with self-taught harpers!) and techniques for improving articulation and speed.


Brilliant thank you for taking the time to share links, I’ll take a look at those.
Agree on technique, I know I need major help with that, I’m sure a teacher would be mortified to see my hand and finger positions lol
A harp playing neighbour! wow that is very fortunate I’m not jealous at all :wink:
Good luck with your harp playing and your Cymraeg too wrth gwrs.
ADDITION: Wow she plays beautifully, and so young! sigh…