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Bargain tip: are selling off the old syllabus books for the Scottish Music Graded Exams, Levels 1-5 at just two pounds each, an absolutely steal. I highly recommend them, they are choc-a-bloc with wonderful tunes!
Find them here: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5.


Fantastic, thanks delving in to spend now!
Bought one of each level.
For anyone else ordering, make sure to check postage rates, I chose standard parcel which was £3.60
Prob way above my capability but £2 each - BARGAIN :slight_smile:


I would strongly recommend the START HARP level 1 course which is centred on technique. It is meant for absolute beginners and teaches you how to read music so if you can already you can move past that quickly.


Great, thank you!


Order grades 1-5 and will see how I get on, fortunately I play the piano too so I can hear how they’re actually supposed to sounds vs me hashing away on the harp!


A few weeks into SSiW now and enjoying it. - I was eavesdropping at the Noson Lawen the other night, over on Slack (didn’t understand much, of course), and I was wondering whether any of you harpists have ever taken part? There was a lady who had an impressive harp collection sitting in the background, including a triple, but she sang. I got the impression that everyone was doing something involving Welsh, i.e. songs, poems or comedy. Not sure whether instrumental music would be allowed, as it might be beside the point - after all, the workspace is called Welsh Speaking Practice …


I’ve heard someone play a Karl Jenkins instrumental piece on the piano, so i think as long as it’s Welsh :grinning: I’m not brave enough to play in a noson lawen yet :grinning: x


Hello, I’m well impressed by all your beautiful harp playing and dedication! I started SSiW in Jan this year, and have just bought myself a harp. And I’ve just signed up for Start Harp level 1.

Would love to practice my Welsh with other Harp starters, my Welsh has fallen by the wayside as I’m so distracted by my beautiful harp!


Congratulations! What make is your harp?


Diolch! It was made by Alun Thomas


Beautiful harp! I am on START HARP level 2. Never took level 1, because I’ve had in-person instructions for the last 4 1/2 years and just want to build on skills that I already have and build some repertoire now.

Know the feeling of harp playing distracting me from learning Welsh… that’s been the state of affairs here all through the summer :wink: - pretty much ever since I cancelled formal lessons and suddenly felt the need to dig out all the pieces I’ve been working on over the past four years (and never managed to learn to a fluidity that gave me satisfaction) and take them to the next level one by one…


Link to free Christmas harp music (Lots of other free pieces on the site too)


Not exactly a harp, but in a similar vein - I heard a recording of someone playing the crwth awhile back and fell in love with it. I was supposed to travel to Wales in April and had thought I might arrange to get one while I was there and see what I could figure out for lessons, but the pandemic put that plan on hold. I have a lot of training on piano and voice but no string experience. I’m in the US, also a downside, since apparently it’s not a widely played instrument even in Wales. Google hasn’t gotten me any closer to figuring out how I might find someone who could help me learn, so does anyone here have any suggestions? I’m filing this under “preparation for the trip I’m really hoping I’ll get to make in late 2021, pandemic gods willing.”


Bob Evans plays the crwth and is in the South East here somewhere. I don’t know him personally, but have heard him in a concert; he seems to know what he’s doing. Not sure how active he is these days (the website appears to have been dormant for a while), but you could try to reach him at

Not exactly a harp, but in a similar vein

What on earth could you be meaning by that? :laughing::laughing::wink:


Cass Meurig was the big name in crwth playing. Look for her on youtube.

She is a full time church worker these days, so don’t know if she can offer any online tution.

(edit) She has a website at There is a contact form, so no harm in asking her if she does skype lessons.


Haha, well it’s got strings, right? So close enough to drop this ask here and not seem like a total weirdo :grin: And thanks, I’ll look him up!


Thanks! Even if she doesn’t, she might be one step closer to that elusive crwth connection…


Dear all,

Please see information below for upcoming harp courses and discount codes. I have completed START HARP Level 1 and I can attest that it is amazing!

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas

Shelley Sent to Thee,


The Twelfth Day of Christmas Courses

Today is (just in the UK!) the 12th Day of Christmas! In this final email of the 12, I would like to share with you three discount codes you can use anytime in January. Thank you if you have been reading these emails and I wish you all the very best for 202!

  1. FHS10 - A single use £10 off code which can be used on any course - really aimed for use with the IMMERSION courses but it will work on any of them. You can find all the courses listed >>HERE<<.
  2. FHS40 - A £40 discount code of the Technique Booster Course, which you can read more about >>HERE<<.
  3. SH30 - A £30 discount code to be use on any START HARP course beginning in January, there are details about the courses >>HERE<<.

One final time, I wish you a HARPY New Year!

Show me the courses on offer!

In case you missed it
The Eleventh Day of Christmas Courses

Todays freebie is a two page sheet I originally created as part of the 12 week ‘Flourishing Harpist’ course ‘effective practice skills’ module.

To download your FREE handout click >>HERE<<

Download your free PRACTICE DIARY SHEET by clicking HERE!

In case you missed it
The Tenth Day of Christmas Courses

Dynamic Harps Virtual Harp Ensemble

A FREE offering to all harpists around the globe to come together in friendship, peace and harmony to enjoy our wonderful instrument and distract ourselves from COVID-19.

You can join the ensemble for free >>HERE<<. All the music is in the course.

Alternatively, you can just download the sheet music of ‘Scarborough Fair’ for free >>HERE<<

Read more and join the FREE online harp ensemble by clicking HERE

In case you missed it
The Ninth Day of Christmas Courses
Deadlines 3rd and 4th January 2021

There are three deadlines for course discounts / sign ups coming up for the 3rd and the 4th January 2021. If you have been sitting on the fence for any of these please jump in now to join us!

1. The 80% discount on my brand new ‘Technique Booster Course - Explore, Revive, Reflect’ closes on the 3rd January 2021. Click >>HERE<< for details.

2. The Full Year Training Offer see Fourth Day of Christmas below or click >>HERE<<for details Only available to purchase up until 4th January 2021.

3. Pop with Pizazz begins on the 4th January 2021. I am launching a 6 Week Online Course for Harp, read all about it >>HERE<<.

As an extra bonus today, I also wanted to share a link to my ‘What on the Harp is That’ 1 minute video series. Click >>HERE<< to see what I have covered so far!

In case you missed it
The Eighth Day of Christmas

A New Year Webinar Replay

Today I would like to share with you a New Year Webinar recording called "Be True to Your Harp"

During the webinar we look at what the harp means to us and I also teach some practical playing ideas.

To watch the webinar replay please click >>HERE<<

Click HERE to watch the FREE ‘Be True to Your Harp’ webinar replay

In case you missed it
The Seventh Day of Christmas


Today I would like to offer you a a free sheet music download of ‘One for Sorrow, Two for Joy’, sent out to Patrons in November 2020. You can find out more regarding Patreon >>HERE<<. The free sheet music download link is below.

Click HERE to download the FREE sheet music

In case you missed it
The Sixth Day of Christmas


At the end of last term (December 2020) I asked a some of the students for a little testimonial. Their response was really a Christmas gift to me, so thank you very much! I am sharing some of the feedback below, in case you are thinking of joining START HARPand our merry band, so you can hear what current students have to say about the courses. Our new term begins on the 10th January 2020 and you can find our more >>HERE<<.

“Brilliant courses for early and advanced harpists, great content, great music. Shelley is so patient and understanding and puts you at your ease. Can’t wait to do the next one”. Dawn START HARP LEVEL 2, Autumn Term 2020

Click HERE to find our more about START HARP

In case you missed it
The Fifth Day of Christmas
Technique Booster Course
Explore, Revive, Reflect

A BRAND NEW Online short Course for 2021

This pre-recorded short course content opens Sunday 3rd January 2021

Join NOW for Early Bird 80% discount and BONUS live session, a group overview and Q & A on Sunday 3rd January 2021, 8PM-9PM GMT.

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In case you missed it
The Fourth Day of Christmas
A Full Year Training Offer

This full set of courses throughout the year will offer extensive support, joy and an exciting place of harp discovery. A warm welcome awaits you! Only available to purchase up until 4th January 2021

This is a one time payment that gains you access to EVERY SINGLE COURSE I am offering in 2021.

Total full price value for all courses paid for individually = £3,060

The one off payment price for full year access = £850


Click here to read more about the Full Year Training Offer

In case you missed it
The Third Day of Christmas
Three Ways to Pop!

On the 4th January 2021 I am launching a 6 Week Online Course for Harp. This is a foundation course covering how to arrange, write and play pop/rock music on your harp with pizzazz! It’s a Pop Harp Course, it’s a Rock Harp Course, it’s a Loop / Looper Course for Harp and you can read all about it >>HERE<<.

Click here to read more about ‘Pop With Pizazz’ Course

In case you missed it
The Second Day of Christmas
A Free Online Harp Course

If you follow this link >>HERE<< you will be able to join one of my short online harp courses for FREE.

Click here for the FREE short online Harp Course!

In case you missed it…

The First Day of Christmas
The Virtual Harp Ensemble Family!

Congratulations to all involved, it has been a joy spending time with you during this unusual year. Any harpists out there who might like to join our FREE group sessions in 2021, please know a very warm welcome awaits you! Details >>HERE<<

The Dynamic Harps Virtual Ensemble and I would like to musically wish you a Merry Christmas! You can watch our Christmas Video of the First Noël >>HERE<<

Click here to watch our third and final collaboration video of 2020!



10th January 2021

Follow Your Harp: Make 2021 the year you learn THAT piece
Online Short Course for Harpists


Click here for full details IMMERSION COURSE and SIGN UP link

Sunday 10th January 2021 3.00pm-5.00pm GMT

This Sunday I am looking forward to teaching an online short course live.

Follow Your Harp: Make 2021 the year you learn THAT piece

When? Sunday 10th January 2021 3.00pm-5.00pm GMT, if can’t make it live, no problem, you can catch the replay afterwards!

Where? Online in Zoom then edited videos shared in online teaching platform Ruzuku.

Who is it for? Beginner to advanced intermediate harp students.

Where can you find our more and/or sign up? >>HERE<<. Please note the FHS10 code given out in the 12 days of Christmas emails is valid on this course and will take £10 off until the end of January.


10th January 2021

Follow Your Harp: Make 2021 the Year You Learn THAT Piece

Have you got a piece in your music bag, hiding on a shelf or perhaps even lurking at the back of your music stand that you have been wanting to learn FOREVER but not quite got around to for some reason? Perhaps it looks to hard, too long, you have no time, you are not sure if you are ready for it, you like someone else playing the piece so much you do not know if you should try it or not… or a million other reasons…! In this IMMERSION I have the aim of sending you away feeling positive and ready to jump in and work on THAT piece you really want to learn to play , whatever the piece is! Please select a piece bring a piece to along with you to the live session (or when you are watching the replay).

The whole course will focus on ways to approach ‘THAT piece’ including finding warm up exercises from within the piece, looking for patterns and repetitions, creating your own practice exercises, planning your practice approach, preparing your mind for venturing into the new challenge and even some ideas on how you might ‘fake’ your chosen piece! Unlike most IMMERSIONS, live, we will really use the focus piece as I wish you all to have the time to work with your own chosen music, however, we will use the piece ‘Bat, Bat, Come Out Of My Hat’ as a discussion point and after the live course I will provide a teaching video and play-along for this music as an extra!

In this short course we will:

  • Discuss how exciting and sometimes overwhelming starting a new piece of music can feel, and how we can so easily block ourselves from moving forwards. How can we work with these feelings and prepare our mind use harness these feelings to our advantage?
  • Warm up together, we will discuss what sort of things you can you look for in your music to make a good warm up and how you can even make this part of your practice useful to your main goal of learning THAT piece.
  • Look at how you can create exercises related your piece to focus in on tricky sections (Everyday Exercises approach). We will discuss the what, how, why for this!
  • Work out an overview of your piece including shape of the music, repetitions, patterns etc.
  • Working out your mission approach, how will you practice this in achievable steps?
  • How to fake your piece? Let’s have some fun looking at how you might ‘fake’ a piece so you can play something ASAP!
  • During the course I will refer to the music for ‘Bat, Bat, Come Out Of My Hat’, more for examples and discussion than to teach you, following the live session I will add a teaching video and play-along for ‘Bat, Bat, Come Out Of My Hat’ so you have something extra to enjoy too!

Online short Course

The course will initially be delivered live on Sunday 10th January 2021 over a 2 hour time slot 3.00PM-5.00PM GMT (please note this is 30 minutes earlier than last years live sessions) . The session will include a short break for fingers and brains around half-way through! After the live event you will receive a link to the recorded materials which will include approximately 90 minutes of video training, along with some explanatory text and sheet music downloads for you to print out and keep. You will be able to access the course for 12 months after the IMMERSION. It is fun to attend live but do not worry if you cannot make it, you will be able to access all the materials afterwards.

I am hoping that this particular course will be useful to revisit with different pieces over and over again!

This course is similar to one week of the START HARP or Flourishing Harpist 12 week intensive online courses for beginner to upper intermediate harpists. Full details on

“Great immersion! As usual, Shelley went above and beyond.” Rebecca Blakeney (START HARP Level 1, 2 and 3 graduate!)

This course is aimed at advanced beginner to advanced intermediate level harpists. To be honest as long as you can read treble and bass clef at least a little bit and can play with all four fingers (and turn) you will be able to take this course. Simplification and extension ideas are offered as we go along so lots to keep everyone busy!

You will have 12 months access to these videos and materials.

When you sign up you will automatically receive a confirmation on email from this website. If you are signing up BEFORE the live session you will receive the meeting link and sheet music by 1pm GMT on Sunday 10th September 2020. If you do not receive any details when excepted please check your spam/junk file and if it is not hiding there email me on

Full price for this one off IMMERSION is £35.

If you prefer you can subscribe to my Patreon account (Tier 4) where you pay a monthly fee to access the monthly IMMERSIONS along with various other benefits including monthly live Q & A sessions. There are a few details at the bottom of this email or for full details please click here:

Comments from students who have attended previous IMMERSIONS

  • Insider info…don’t miss it but prepare yourself to be bombarded with info in the nicest possible way???
  • Don’t miss it! And don’t be surprised if you feel overwhelmed if you do it live. Shelley basically fits a full week of Start Harp into 2 hours, so it’s a lot to take in live — but then you can go back and work with the videos as you’re already used to doing in Start Harp. Or you can miss the live bit and just do the videos afterward. I did my best learning of Spiraling Shoots after the fact, when my brain was quiet and I could hear myself think and appreciate what I was playing.
  • I couldn’t join live so learnt it from the recordings, which are great.
  • I was glad to be on the live presentation, although it was early in the morning. However, due to more pressing priorities, I tabled my practice efforts for a future time—hopefully, in September. That is a benefit of the Immersion structure. Sign up for the class and add to your repertoire when you are ready.
  • I also saw it in the replay. It’s great to be able to go over everything slowly…

Click here for full details IMMERSION COURSE and SIGN UP link



DISCOUNT CODE SH30 will take £30 off your chosen course this term.

Come and join fellow harp enthusiasts as we study with joy and optimism in a supportive group, a positive distraction during these challenging times. I look forward to guiding your harp practice to help you really achieve your best!


Since creating the courses in 2016 I have been delivering the online program ‘Start Harp’ ( to harpists across the globe. The three 12 week courses offer tuition on technique, note reading, improvisation and playing by ear taught via teaching videos, play-a-longs, sheet music, live online Q&A’s and one to one support in video homework submissions with personalised feedback. The courses teach students across the world including in the UK, mainland Europe, Canada, Australia and the US.

START HARP BEGINS – LEVEL 1: Your journey begins…

The START HARP BEGINS – LEVEL 1 course works on the foundations and building blocks required to help you take the first steps towards becoming a proficient harpist.

START HARP EXPANDS – LEVEL 2: Expand your horizons…

In START HARP EXPANDS – LEVEL 2, we expand our harpist horizons! We build on the foundation techniques and skills you have worked on previously (in other lessons or in START HARP LEVEL 1) and learn 10 new tunes to build repertoire.

START HARP ADVANCES – LEVEL 3: Advance your dreams…

In START HARP ADVANCES – LEVEL 3 students learn more advanced techniques and theory including harmonics and slides, modulating, how to change key with pedals or levers, using the circle of 5ths and much more.

Please do not delay, courses begin THIS SUNDAY 10th January 2021!
To find out more about the courses please visit the website:


\ 600x326

Join the online community via Subscription, visit Shelley’s Patreon account to find out more >>HERE<

Fairplay Community

Become a member of an online highly supportive harp community, join fellow harp enthusiasts across the globe in a safe space for sharing ideas, celebrating harp highs and gaining support through our harp challenges. Harpists joining together in peace and harmony via Patreon. You can watch a short video about this level here:

Fairplay Sheet Music

Receive a PDF of sheet music of 1 solo piece, provided as arrangement AND lead sheet. The piece will be available in two arrangements, Pedal and/Lever. You can watch a short video about this level here:

Fairplay Q &A

Gain access to the once a month Q & A session, ask anything you like and connect in Zoom with fellow harp enthusiasts. You can watch a short video about this level here:

Fairplay Video

Gain access to the monthly IMMERSION courses. You can access these videos in your own time or you can attend live for the recording session once a month. Video lessons for the monthly sheet music solo piece (and occasionally with FREE bonus second piece!) a theme or featured technique and visit the three strands of learning; playing by ear, reading music and improvisation ideas related to piece studied. You can watch a short video about this level here:

Tell Me More About Joining Patreon


Hi @michael-1, would you be able to describe how the Teifi siff saff (the student harp) sound compared to the Aoyoma? My daughter has just started learning on the Aoyama in school and has asked me if I can get a harp for her to practice at home. Am thinking to get her the Siff Saff. (no budget yet for eos!)