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Bargain tip: are selling off the old syllabus books for the Scottish Music Graded Exams, Levels 1-5 at just two pounds each, an absolutely steal. I highly recommend them, they are choc-a-bloc with wonderful tunes!
Find them here: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5.


Fantastic, thanks delving in to spend now!
Bought one of each level.
For anyone else ordering, make sure to check postage rates, I chose standard parcel which was £3.60
Prob way above my capability but £2 each - BARGAIN :slight_smile:


I would strongly recommend the START HARP level 1 course which is centred on technique. It is meant for absolute beginners and teaches you how to read music so if you can already you can move past that quickly.


Great, thank you!


Order grades 1-5 and will see how I get on, fortunately I play the piano too so I can hear how they’re actually supposed to sounds vs me hashing away on the harp!


A few weeks into SSiW now and enjoying it. - I was eavesdropping at the Noson Lawen the other night, over on Slack (didn’t understand much, of course), and I was wondering whether any of you harpists have ever taken part? There was a lady who had an impressive harp collection sitting in the background, including a triple, but she sang. I got the impression that everyone was doing something involving Welsh, i.e. songs, poems or comedy. Not sure whether instrumental music would be allowed, as it might be beside the point - after all, the workspace is called Welsh Speaking Practice …


I’ve heard someone play a Karl Jenkins instrumental piece on the piano, so i think as long as it’s Welsh :grinning: I’m not brave enough to play in a noson lawen yet :grinning: x


Hello, I’m well impressed by all your beautiful harp playing and dedication! I started SSiW in Jan this year, and have just bought myself a harp. And I’ve just signed up for Start Harp level 1.

Would love to practice my Welsh with other Harp starters, my Welsh has fallen by the wayside as I’m so distracted by my beautiful harp!


Congratulations! What make is your harp?


Diolch! It was made by Alun Thomas


Beautiful harp! I am on START HARP level 2. Never took level 1, because I’ve had in-person instructions for the last 4 1/2 years and just want to build on skills that I already have and build some repertoire now.

Know the feeling of harp playing distracting me from learning Welsh… that’s been the state of affairs here all through the summer :wink: - pretty much ever since I cancelled formal lessons and suddenly felt the need to dig out all the pieces I’ve been working on over the past four years (and never managed to learn to a fluidity that gave me satisfaction) and take them to the next level one by one…


Link to free Christmas harp music (Lots of other free pieces on the site too)