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Have you spread the word about SSiW today? Diolch! (and sorry!)


Awesome! :dizzy: :star2: It would be so cool if he did end up here (but even if we don’t see him in the forum, he still might end up using the lessons… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


On a flying forum because I was rambling about communications with the Space Station which somehow wandered into talking about Welsh…


Guy with Welsh accent delivering chemicals. “do you speak welsh?”, “no, but I’ve always thought I should.” SSiW lecture given.


Seriously got to love you guys…:slight_smile:

‘Chemicals, eh? There’s an online Welsh course you should…’

‘You like flying? There’s an online Welsh course you should…’



The phrase “The Welsh language is really difficult” is usually my cue to launch into how I had various unsuccessful attempts to learn Welsh over the years, but now I’m doing this really straightforward SSiW way which gets you speaking straight away without worrying too much about all the grammar etc. This is particularly gratifying when Welsh speakers seem to be impressed by my actual speech as a beginner.


That sounds as though you must be on almost permanent alert!..:wink:

Diolch o galon i ti, Howard, and huge congratulations on your own achievements… :slight_smile:


Yes, the flying one was a comment along the lines of "now imagine having to do that in Welsh " - which given that we were talking at the time about the INTERNATIONAL space station where everyone who flies to it has to learn Russian and English on top of whatever their many and varied first languages might be, seemed a tiny bit beyond the pale to me!


Today, library, lady behind the counter said she’s been learning Welsh since September but disappointed how little she had learned up to this point. She got SSiW’d.


It’s like a permanent St Valentine’s Day massacre but with mutations…


[quote=“aran, post:69, topic:7758, full:true”]
It’s like a permanent St Valentine’s Day massacre but with mutations
[/quote]There’s the new motto.

SSiW - “I’m going to teach you a (Welsh) lesson you’ll never forget!”


I’m so tempted to try and find a way to use that.


On a personal note, I’ve just passed details on to a good friend, who is into Spanish. He’s giving it a go now :slight_smile:
PS: Is the first level free as it is in Welsh?


Just the first 5 sessions for Spanish… the first level was free at one stage a few years ago, but we never saw much word-of-mouth spread on it…


That’s great, thanks, Aran. I’ll let him know. I’m tempted to go for it myself now as I have some Spanish colleagues, one of who is very nervous at speaking English. I’ve managed the first sentence already. I never thought that I’d manage that.


Well done! Enhorabuena/llongyfarchiadau…:wink: :slight_smile:


I went to a different Paned a Sgwrs today and was talking to a lady who is doing 2 hours a week of Welsh in work (I think she’s finding it slow going). She hadn’t got into the habit of using SSIW. So she got SSIW-ified :grinning: The lady who runs the shop (in which Paned a Sgwrs is held) also agreed with me that SSIW is the best Welsh course, far better than the evening courses people (including me) go to.


What a superb turn of phrase you have… :slight_smile: :fireworks:

And what a lovely shop-running lady too…:wink:


I’m coming to the Parti Penblwydd this year and booked a space on a small camp-site 10 mins from Caernarfon a couple of days ago. The guy I spoke to is married to a Welsh speaker (I asked “Dach chi’n siarad y Gymraeg?”) and he replied “No” so I naturally went into evangelist mode - second nature to mention SSiW at every opportunity I can!!
Would not like to think about how many conversations I’ve had of a similar ilk… Always a pleasure, never a chore!!


Just thought, whenever I am the Swindon hub whilst working (driving an artic on a night-shift), I generally find there’s a South Walian driver to natter with. Quite a few “spoke Welsh as a boy” so I encourage them to have a look online…
At SSIW, just in case you were thinking… oh never mind…


Had a patient who’s Mum and Mum’s side spoke Welsh, but dad doesn’t. He wasn’t there, but I suggested it to Mam and Tad-Cu.

One of our friends is from Swansea, English speaking family. She’s also a physio. Gave her the shpiel. She’s keen, downloading the lessons last i spoke to her.