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Have you spread the word about SSiW today? Diolch! (and sorry!)


Awesome - no escape for them!.. :wink: Diolch o galon i ti :heart:

I think you guys are considerably better at spreading the word than I could ever hope to be (sometimes Catrin’s mother nudges me and says ‘Tell them!’ and I say ‘Oh, she just means I work with a language course’ and try to run away).


Someone on my LinkedIn feed talking about learning in their job and needing more practice. Zap!




There was a big plug for SSIW (especially the South Wales version) by Elis James on his Radio X podcast this week. :grinning:


[quote=“aran, post:81, topic:7758”] I work with a language course’ and try to run away
“Working with a language course” means “I’m trying to make some money out of you (I’m trying to help me)” while “try this course, this is how I learned, it really works” means “seriously, it works (I’m trying to help you)”. We have the advantage over you on this point. :blush:


One of the few times we feel that way hey?! After some of the lessons I definitely did not feel like I had advantage, or that it was even deuce! :wink:


Oh, that’s cool - good shot, Mr James… :slight_smile:

Yup, exactly that. I’m more and more inclined, when people say ‘What do you do?’ to answer ‘I’m NOT telling you.’ :slight_smile:

Or possibly ‘I’m paid for being brutally unkind to people’, although I could see how that might be open to slight misinterpretation.


Yes apparently Isy Suttie (comedian and Elis’s partner) uses SSIW. She’s been learning for a while and I think she’s done some bits to promote the learning if Welsh (interviews and the like).


Yup, Isy’s given us a number of shout-outs, fair play to her. I gather she’s well-known for stuff in English, but her claim to fame for me is her entertaining part in Hwb’s sketch (by Elis James, I think) about a class of learners… which was pleasingly true to live in its bizarreness… :slight_smile:


I am a big giant fan of those Hwb sketches - and it still amazes me that some of those youtube videos have only a couple of hundred views!

“dwi’n byw yn, dwi’n byw yn… I LIVE IN A FLAT WITH MY WIFE AND FAMILY!!!”

So, so funny!


I had a chat at about 30 minutesish


Hollol wych - da iawn ti! A diolch yn fawr iawn am y plyg… :star: :star2:


Pleser!! Dwi mor hapus i siarad am SSiW! O’n i mor gyffrous ar ôl siarad 'da fe! Oedd e’n profiad gwych!

I was so excited after speaking to him! It was a great experience!

If anyway else get’s offered the chance to be on the radio I highly recommend it and Garry is a very friendly man to speak to, so Taro’r Post is a great place to start :smile:

#94 I’ve only just seen this!!! Amazing!!!

“You can use this fact in a singles’ bar or discotheque”


Agreed! I watched these a while back, and they are hysterical!


I haven’t had a chance to listen to the whole show yet, but I listened to your bit - brilliant! Da iawn ti! :tada: :star2: Your Welsh is great, and you sounded really calm and confident. Super plug for SSIW, too :slight_smile:

I was pretty excited that I understood all of it! Will go back and listen to the whole program later…


Thank you :blush: he was really easy to chat to.


Me also!

I was on here about 10 minutes after you! Not speaking, but they read out my phone call that I had with one of the producers. I’m Nicky from Aber! :smiley:

41:59 I have a gripe :smiley:


I always mention ssiw and I know at least 4 people who have signed up I don’t need a thank you though it’s superb that people are learning this beautiful old wonderful language … one further thing I am on holiday this week in Tenerife and I have spoke Welsh to 3 families 1 from Bala and 2 from Llanelli this language is flourishing


Wow, that’s fantastic - diolch yn fawr iawn!