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Have you spread the word about SSiW today? Diolch! (and sorry!)


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At my “promoting Welsh” working group. This generally drives me mad because it’s a bit of a talking shop rather than a doing stuff gig, but they do like SSIW and want to put doing at least a sess on learner’s action plans across the board.


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I hid in the background while Catrin gave an innocent soul a full SSiWing while we were waiting at the vet… :flushed:


The Welsh side of my family has a facebook group (we call it Keeping up with the Joneses) where we stay in touch, share all sorts of things, post old photos, family history, photos of “the homestead” in Nefyn, etc… Yesterday, I did a massive advert for SSiW! I would love some of them to join me in this.


Oh, that’s so cool - diolch yn fawr iawn! :star: :star2:

Whereabouts in Nefyn are they? Catrin’s sister lives just outside Nefyn (and so did we, for a year or so back in the day)…


I don’t know exactly where, I’ve never been - I’ll have to ask my cousin. Her mother owned and ran a bed and breakfast for many years in Nefyn, but that wasn’t the same property as the original homestead. I’ll need to get more information.


I’m shouting at you, quietly as it’s a bank holiday weekend.


Fantastic shout! I’d forgotten completely about it…

So what would we do with these - is it stick them on business cards or something? :slight_smile:


Let me know if you make anywhere near Jacksonville!


Just literally about to leave the villa on the way back to Wales. Maybe next time, eh? :blush:


I think I might have just managed to talk a friend into trying SSiW!


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Ok, so I walked into this shop in Disney Springs yesterday morning …

and one of the guys, after finding out that we are Welsh (so works out that we are British) starts asking about pronunciation of the letter “H” (as in “aitch” or “haitch”) and the letter “Z” (“zed” or “zee”) and the conversation moves over to the Welsh alphabet then the Welsh language to which he seems really, genuinely interested so I gave him a gentle rubbing down with some SSiW lotion. I’m not sure he’ll every actually sign up but at least there’s one more person in the world who knows that the Welsh language exists.


Love the way you put that :slight_smile:

Did they have any reaction to your lack of shaving? :wink:


It was basically a “male grooming” product shop and all 3 people working in there had impressive facial growth. I actually looked quite normal in there. :joy:


So what would we do with these - is it stick them on business cards or something? :slight_smile:

You can print them out and chuck them around places that attract loads of learners - thinking Eisteddfods and Welsh shops etc :wink:


So kind of business card sort of deal plus added zing? We need to do some ‘get your own’ Zazzle type stuff with business cards+QR, maybe… :slight_smile:


Just got back from an afternoon tea with my Mam, Auntie and Nan for Nan’s 82nd birthday. My Auntie (who is a German teacher) was telling about how she started A level Welsh a few years ago. We lamented over the really strange progression in learning languages on most formal courses - “good morning, good afternoon, I have 3 brothers and a dog” etc. So I told her all about this fantastic course which teaches you building blocks to make usable sentences straight off. You can see where I’m going with this… :smile:




I plugged SSiSpanish the other day. I’ve never done the course but a friend of mine wants to learn. He’s been very positive since! Finished the first 5 lessons.