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Hay-on-Wye LAST stop ...SSiW Days Out postponed 🌧


Syniad da iawn, @carin-harris! I bet Rhys Mwyn on Monday evening would play it - he often mentions @nia.llywelyn and SSiW! :slight_smile:


Recordiau Rhys Mwyn?


Yes @lornarhodes, its Recordiau Rhys Mwyn - its a really good show 7pm to 10pm on Mondays, so well worth a listen, and he’s always supporting Welsh learners :slight_smile:


@lornarhodes This is Rhys’s email address: :slight_smile:


Hi I have my ticket look forward to seeing you all


Hi are we supposed to let you know if we are coming to the café, if so count me in.


no need to inform beforehand. Diolch @sallyannmayger, see you there!


Ha. Yes. Nerves.

I went to Anglesey and was determined to use what I had learned so decided to go to the counter in a cafe - a deserted cafe - and a deserted cafe where the woman behind the counter knew that I was trying to learn Welsh. Can I have a cup of coffee please? Not a terribly complex sentence but could I do it. Froze. Forgot everything. Long pause. Said it in English. The nice lady then said it for mein Welsh and also a reply. Very nice if her. But the shame and the the frustration


@Cilgwri I hope this hasn’t put you off! It’s sometimes doing things like this in the company of others who’ll give you support and encoragement
There is a weekend for Welsh Learners coming up in Caernarfon end of January if you’re interested


Really? That’s interesting. Do you know what dates?

Thanks for your reply


@Cilgwri Yes, I’ll be helping with arrangements, 24-26 January. There’ll be more details out soon hopefully. :slight_smile:


Looking forward to Saturday!
An old Welsh lullaby…


Have fun everyone, wish I could be there.


Meet up in St Pancras at 11:00 am. If for sone reason someone gets lost on the way
We can confirm that we’ll be in the London Welsh Centre at 1pm


@nia.llywelyn Haia - dw i ar Pret St Pancras (gobeithio bod 'na ddim ond un ohonyn nhw) ond sgen i’m rhif ffôn neb, a dw i heb weld unrhyw un dw i’n ei adnabod hyd yn hyn…


Diolch pawb, diwrnod da iawn iawn ac oedd yn braf i gafarfod efo pob hyn ohonoch. Rwan, rhaid i mi drio dallt Saesneg eto achos dwi’n meddyl yn y Gymraeg ar hyn o bryd! :joy::joy:


Diolch byth bo ni wedi ffeindio Paddington @RichardBuck


Diolch i bawb ddaeth i Lundain heddiw :heart_eyes:



Hi Nia,
I would be really interested in the Caernarfon learners weekend. Do you know if accomodation is part of the weekend or is that something to be organised seperately?
Hwyl, sharon