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Hay-on-Wye LAST stop ...SSiW Days Out postponed 🌧


Diolch @sharonmonks. I’ll have to hurry them along to produce a poster etc, This is where everyone will be staying during the weekend

Weekend for Welsh Learners 24-26 January, Caernarfon :tada:


Look at all those familiar faces in Llundain! How brilliant that you were all able to get together. I’m dying to hear all about it … and I’ll have to make Sain Ffagan!


I’ve had a word with my partner about booking part of Friday off - bydd rhaid iddi gasglu’r plant o’r ysgol yn fy lle i - so I’m up for this. Llety Arall is great - llawer well na’r bwncws - but there’ll be a finite amount of space, so… When do we find out what to do about booking up?


. It’s probably going to be more expensive than bethesda bunkhouse but hopefully I’ll find out tomorrow @RichardBuck
One thing I know, we’ll do lots of interesting stuff,because I’m on the case :slight_smile:
Details aren’t officially out yet, so you’re okay


I rather assumed that - just so long as it’s not outrageous.

Trying to understand the staff in the Black Boy totally defeated me last time I was there…


Any chance of the lyrics to Nia’s song? There’s definitely some bits I don’t ‘get’ just yet…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


How do I sign up to join this?


@paul-pigott all you need to do is just turn up! :smile:
And if you see Rhodri please tell him to come as well


Yes, indeed - in fact, Owen is already on the case and is planning to arrange a display of goodies in the library for Oxford SSiW, and Ros had offered to do a New College your for us in Welsh (I’m hoping to mention it if I see her at the carol service on Wed - she’s always very busy though so scheduling it might be problematic)


One of the things we’ll see in Sain Ffagan this Saturday.



Bydda i’n trio dod. Nid yw fy nghartref i yn rhy bell o Sain Ffagans :slight_smile:


Helo @nia.llywelyn
I am thinking of coming to Sain Ffagan on Saturday. I will need to catch a train at 7am, then three trains and a bus need to run on time if I am to arrive by 11am. I may well be very late. I haven’t got Internet on my phone, but I can text. Could I possibly have a number that I could text if I need to find you, please? Could you perhaps send me a message? Thank you.


My phone number is 07770623962 for who anybody wants it on the day :slight_smile:
Look forward to seeing you @Betterlatethan.


Thank you @nia.llywelyn.


Looking forward to tomorrow.
Parking is £5 but there is no charge for Sain Ffagan
Map of the site is 50p
Please bring an umbarella just in case :umbrella: :smile:


There seem to be several cafes? Which is the right one please?


I didn’t know this. It’s on your left after entering the main building from the car park as I seem to remember - it’s mainly an eating area . Hope this helps! Nia @Betterlatethan


Thank you!


Fabulous day in St. Fagans today, thank you @nia.llywelyn I will treasure my afal. So nice to meet everyone, siarad Cymraeg, laugh together and sing carols.