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Hay-on-Wye LAST stop ...SSiW Days Out postponed 🌧


Having spent the day at Sain Ffagan speaking Welsh all day (mostly) I am having some trouble at home and in other shops conversing in English :joy: great day out, thanks @nia.llywelyn and all! I’ve got a couple of great videos of the impromptu concert!


Thank you, @nia.llywelyn. That was excellent, and it was fun to chat to lots of new people. It was worth the 4-hour journey each way. There was a little bonus at the end too. I was waiting for my connection at Didcot Parkway when there was a whistle - and Tornado came through at speed. Great!


Diolch @carin-harris CALENNIG dim afal Caz :joy:


Afal gwych @carin-harris ond Calennig go iawn oedd ein ymdrech ni!! :rofl:


Diolch i bawb ddaeth i Sain Ffagan ddoe…

I’m sure other people have better photos! :smile:


I was so keen to join you all there, but with an assignment deadline looming I just couldn’t take the time. I’m sure you all really enjoyed it though! Fabulous place and great company! Who could ask for more?


We’re going back in the summer @Deborah-SSi, so we hope you can meet us then! Lots more to see…and many buildings were closed due to staff shortage.


Yeah a summer picnic :slight_smile:


Hwre! :slight_smile: Hopefully I’ll be able to go next time! :slight_smile:


Some pictures - but no videos of the singing (yet……)


@richardharris wow, mae safon y lluniau yn dda, ond mae fy ngheg fawr ar agor ym mhob un :joy:
Diolch Richard. Bydda i eisiau ‘sensro’r canu plîs !




Dyma Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol o Sain Ffagan

Tipyn gwell safon yn y canu!

Here’s DCDC from Sain Ffagan, much better polish to the singing :joy:


Great photos Richard


Wel, dwi ddim yn gwbod, oeddon ni disgol yn gwych ar yr ochr caneuon…… Atodol fideo nawr!……


Thanks Richard. Now I can tell people i go to church.




If there’s a big group, will we be meeting upstairs? If so, maybe tell folk this, so they can find us?


I will be bringing signs this time @BronwenLewis :slight_smile:


I will look out for the signs. I’m looking forward to meeting you.