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Hay-on-Wye LAST stop ...SSiW Days Out postponed 🌧


Diolch @Rohini roedd hi’n hyfryd i weld pawb




Highlights of an unforgettable day - the view (when I dared open my eyes) from the road down the Great Orme in Nia’s speeding campervan); Tom Parry’s delightful war story; the little bird pecking a hole in the wall of the art gallery; the fascinating story of the perfidious Mostyns who helped themselves to, and still own, Llandudno, and last but not least the chocolate cake in the Rabbit Hole Cafe. It was lovely to meet old friends and make new ones; now I’m planning an SSiW day out in Cricieth next year. I just need to find an equally eccentric and well-informed bunch of local guides to show us round. Thanks for everything, Nia!


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Diolch Yn fawr i ti @BronwenLewis
I’m sure you’ll get to know all the character in Cricieth soon enough :slight_smile:


Glad you all had a good time and sorry I could not join you. I was about to join you all, but had to take care of urgent family responsibilities instead. Hopefully I can join you next time :slight_smile:


Snowdonia is very, very, temping, but will have to see how the logistics work out, given school holidays…

Is the Machynlleth visit (from the first post) still likely to be happening as well, or does Blaenau Ffestiniog take its place?


We’ll be sticking to this programme for the next 3 Days Out
( had to change the date for Mavhynlleth because more will be going on in town on the 28th)

Blaenau Ffestiniog - 31 Awst | August
Machynlleth -28 Medi | September
Bethesda - 12 Hydref | October

Looking for an invite from the South in November !?

Casnewydd or Caerdydd


Hey, you’ve changed Machynlleth when I was just thinking what a perfect timing it was, since I’m likely to be in Wales for a few days around the 15th. :frowning:

But oh well, never mind, I guess I can go there anyway and look for Michael Williams so I can listen to his fab accent instead! :smiley:


Sorry about this, there will be more happening around town on the 28 th, but hey…we can have a day out in Machynlleth anytime. Keep me posted, what about coming on the 16th.Diwrnod Owain Glyndŵr, but I know there are celebrations in Corwen @BronwenJones will be going to up there :grinning: on this date


I’ll take a photo of Michael Williams just for you @gisella-albertini next time I see him in town :heart:


I’ll keep that in mind and keep you updated!

And sure, say hi to Michael from Italian fan! :grin:


Wouldn’t want to miss Dydd Glyndŵr yn Machynlleth :slight_smile:


To be honest, I don’t know what it is, but I trust you on that!
(My problem could be that I know I have to be in Italy on the 18th so not sure it’s going to work with flights, etc. but we’ll see!).


@nia.llywelyn I am interested in Blaenau Ffestiniog. It’s a bit far ahead to be certain yet (family events…).
I was in Machynlleth today 25th July. Interesting place but what’s going on at the Canolfan Owain Glyndŵr? It was closed…? Sign said open 11am to 3?pm (during school holidays) but it wasn’t… Really strange, just no-one there.
Good time in MOMA though. Got talking to a volunteer. Exchanged a little Welsh but she originated from the Midlands and was married to a Welsh speaker for 40 years but not fluent. I mentioned SSiW and said, ‘had she heard of it’. A couple came up the stairs and said ‘yes’ they’d been learning with it since 10 years ago! Could be some of the early students? What a coincidence!:blush:


Da iawn @robert-gee.
Glad you had a good day at Machynlleth, we’ll be making sure that the Centre WILL be open on the 28th of September.
Thursday’n not a good day at Machynlleth, half day…although due to it being summer, things should be open !

Siomedig :slight_smile:

Moma was one of the places we were going to visit. A number of the volunteers there are welsh speakers and it’s run by a lovely family, We’ll get a short tour I’m surel
Another lovely place in Machynlleth is Gerddi Bro Ddyfi


I’ll meet you anytime for sure @gisella-albertini , Caffi Alys? :cake::coffee:


Y Tebot Piws singing Blaenau Ffestiniog