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Hay-on-Wye LAST stop ...SSiW Days Out postponed 🌧




Machynlleth looks lovely. Since watching Codi Parc I think I’m going to have to start travelling around Wales more :grin: the learners are so brave to chat on telly. Da iawn!


Thanks @nia.llywelyn for mentioning it, I’m going to watch it later! :slight_smile:

Just a note: BBC app doesn’t work outside the UK so for the International learners and speakers, the link is


If coming from north Wales bear in mind that Pont ar Ddyfi might be closed tomorrow. Avoid Corris ( only for that reason!) and go towards Dinas Mawddwy ( Welshpool will be on the sign)


There is a problem with the trains too due to flooding so I may be late! Will keep you posted @nia.llywelyn


If anybody is having difficulty getting to Machynlleth, phone me on 07770623962. ( or please stay at home if you’re unsure of the weather)


Made it here rather late, sorry! Does anyone know the planned stop for lunch?


Looking forward to pics


Thank you so much @nia.llywelyn for a fabulous Dau Diwrnod Allan in Machynlleth!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for a great day yesterday, especially @nia.llywelyn for organising everything. Lovely to meet everyone, chat (trio!) and take in some of the local history and places of interest. Tacla were great; hope you enjoyed the rest of the event last night and today. Look forward to getting along to another meet up. Nia, we spoke about somewhere in my direction-I wondered if you’d considered Montgomery? Castle, brewery, robber’s grave, town trail etc. Just a thought.


Good idea @jenny-5 and I know some people there :slight_smile: we’ll try and go for March .
What about Cricieth for April @BronwenLewis? We’re booked for Aberafan with @Caroline.H and crew in May


This is the amazing Tacla from the Machynlleth diwnod allan :slight_smile:


And this is Bryn Fon in Owen Glyndwr’s snooker room - with @nia.llywelyn 's blue sticky note!! :joy:

(I think the flag says “Yes Cymru” because they weren’t sure whether to put ie, ydw, oes, ydy… ;))


Sad I didn’t manage to catch up with the group, but did manage to have a nice wander round town, speak a little Welsh, then head for the hills for a bit before going home.

I hope I’ll be able to make to another of these events in the new year. Montgomery sounds great (and relatively convenient for those of us who are usually stuck in Lloegr!).


So sorry I didn’t see your message sooner @thomasd


Please don’t worry @nia.llywelyn , entirely down to disorganization on my part (and maybe a teeny bit of getting-lost-in-the-diversion-around-Welshpool…). I should really have stuck to my guns and camped somewhere local on Friday night, the reality is never as bad as you imagine when looking at the weather forecast.

Next time!


Wow lluniau da @Cetra . I haven’t managed to create my usual collage yet, having problems with canva :frowning:

Thank you very much everybody who turned up.
I was ,… as I thought I would be, looking a bit wore for wear this morning when I met ‘fy mrawd newydd’ @MarcusWhitfield in Dolgellau. In the photo we’re sitting in Owain Glyndŵr’s parliament house (which is now T H Roberts cafe) slightly posher than the snooker room :smile:


Next stop…Bethesda in less than a fortnight!


I’m very envious! I think Tacla are totally amazing!


Thank you Nia for everything you did to make a really great and exciting experience in the lovely Machynlleth this weekend. I got home feeling very tired and very happy indeed but with a brain that didn’t want to do anything but rest! It was lovely to meet everyone who came on Saturday and help to make it such a lovely day. I’m very much looking forward to Bethesda. I’m sorry I didn’t get a chance to chat this morning with you and Marcus but I’m so glad you both manged to meet up. (Please thank your dad from me, Nia. It was lovely to meet him and very kind of him to present his little talk on Owain Glyndŵr which I enjoyed very much :blush:)