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Hay-on-Wye next stop....SSiW Days Out or Y Gelli Gandryll


Diolch @sharonmonks. I’ll have to hurry them along to produce a poster etc, This is where everyone will be staying during the weekend

Weekend for Welsh Learners 24-26 January, Caernarfon :tada:


Look at all those familiar faces in Llundain! How brilliant that you were all able to get together. I’m dying to hear all about it … and I’ll have to make Sain Ffagan!


I’ve had a word with my partner about booking part of Friday off - bydd rhaid iddi gasglu’r plant o’r ysgol yn fy lle i - so I’m up for this. Llety Arall is great - llawer well na’r bwncws - but there’ll be a finite amount of space, so… When do we find out what to do about booking up?


. It’s probably going to be more expensive than bethesda bunkhouse but hopefully I’ll find out tomorrow @RichardBuck
One thing I know, we’ll do lots of interesting stuff,because I’m on the case :slight_smile:
Details aren’t officially out yet, so you’re okay


I rather assumed that - just so long as it’s not outrageous.

Trying to understand the staff in the Black Boy totally defeated me last time I was there…


Any chance of the lyrics to Nia’s song? There’s definitely some bits I don’t ‘get’ just yet…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:



*** Ionawr 18 - Dolgellau ***
*Chwefror 29 *- Y Gelli Gandryll / Hay-on-Wye
Mawrth 14 - Hwlffordd / Haverfordwest
Ebrill 25 - Cricieth
Mai 16 - Aberafan (Port Talbot)
Mehefin 20 - * ardal Twm Sion Cati ( Tregaron)
Gorffennaf 11 - Trefaldwyn / Montgomery

*** change of location

  • change of date
    If you live in these areas, any help would be welcome in promoting these Days Out locally.


How do I sign up to join this?


@paul-pigott all you need to do is just turn up! :smile:
And if you see Rhodri please tell him to come as well


Helo @nia.llywelyn - *Having tackled Llundain, might perhaps a SSiW Day Out in Rhydychen/Oxford be another possibility for later on in 2020? :slightly_smiling_face: There are a good few Welsh connections here in Oxford, e.g.:

  • Coleg Yr Iesu /Jesus College, the ‘Welsh College’ and home of Cymdeithas Dafydd ap Gwilym, the University Welsh Society with whom we have good connections
  • Jesus College library also has a collection of historical Welsh books and manuscripts;
  • The Oxford Welsh Male Voice Choir,
  • The Welsh aisle in St Michael Northgate church with the grave of Edward Llwyd

There’s also someone local who gives regular talks on the Welsh Connections of Oxford
What do you think? :slightly_smiling_face:


Oedden ni’n siarad amdani yn Llundain! Tybed o’n i a fydden ni’n medru ofyn i Ros wneud rhywbeth yn New College - neu ella dylsen ni siarad efo @owen-mcknight am lyfrgell Coleg yr Iesu…?

I’d forgotten to say we were talking about that in London - p’raps we could ask Ros for the fabled New College tour, or talk to Owen about Jesus Library?


Yes, indeed - in fact, Owen is already on the case and is planning to arrange a display of goodies in the library for Oxford SSiW, and Ros had offered to do a New College your for us in Welsh (I’m hoping to mention it if I see her at the carol service on Wed - she’s always very busy though so scheduling it might be problematic)


One of the things we’ll see in Sain Ffagan this Saturday.



Bydda i’n trio dod. Nid yw fy nghartref i yn rhy bell o Sain Ffagans :slight_smile:


Helo @nia.llywelyn
I am thinking of coming to Sain Ffagan on Saturday. I will need to catch a train at 7am, then three trains and a bus need to run on time if I am to arrive by 11am. I may well be very late. I haven’t got Internet on my phone, but I can text. Could I possibly have a number that I could text if I need to find you, please? Could you perhaps send me a message? Thank you.


My phone number is 07770623962 for who anybody wants it on the day :slight_smile:
Look forward to seeing you @Betterlatethan.


Thank you @nia.llywelyn.


Looking forward to tomorrow.
Parking is £5 but there is no charge for Sain Ffagan
Map of the site is 50p
Please bring an umbarella just in case :umbrella: :smile:


There seem to be several cafes? Which is the right one please?