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Currently travelling to and from Aberystwyth and hoping to move permanently soon. My youngest son is due to move to Aber in the next couple of weeks too. I am looking forward to learning Welsh and will be encouraging him to do so too. I first heard about SsiW on the Jeremy Vine show and then had it suggested to me by a lovely bookseller in [Siop Y Pethe](Siop Y Pethe 3 Sgwar Owain Glyndwr, Aberystwyth SY23 2JH 01970 617120 sp here I go…


A very warm welcome to the forum, Val - thank you for your positive and enthusiastic attitude - you’re going to be a great asset to the community in Aberystwyth… :slight_smile:


Welcome, Val! And keep us updated on your progress! :slight_smile:

p.s. I quickly visited Aber a bit more than a month ago - been at the very nice Siop Y Pethe and an Italian cafe called Agnelli’s. I’m sure you’ll enjoy yourself and have a lot of chances to practice Welsh!


Thanks Agnellis is great. Love Aber so much I hate the trip back to the smoke for work. A whole week away now and I’m not happy :frowning:


Welcome, Val, great to have you here! We’re always glad to answer any questions, and we love to hear how people are doing, so come back anytime!




Welcome Val! Maybe bump into you in Aber one of these days! (I don’t live there, but have family and strong links there, so visit regularly!)