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Help with Challenge 16


Hi, I’m new to Say Something in Welsh so not sure if this is the right place to post this. I am a beginner leaner. In Level One, Challenge 16 at 18:13 through the lesson we are asked to say ‘Someone who told me that… ‘. The reply from Cat is something like…rhywun ‘ na ‘ ddweud wrtha i.
I can’t understand what the ‘na’ before the ddweud word is or why the answer isn’t ‘rhywun ddwedodd wrtha’i’?
Thanks for any insight!


Hi @anna-lewis

It is:…

Rhywun (a) wnaeth dweud wrtha i

Someone who did tell (=told) me

…this is using the past tense of gwneud = to do, to make ‘did’. This is a very common technique used to make the past tense - as you only have to know the past tense of gwneud :grin:… you can just tack on the verb you want onto it.

Hopefully that makes sense. Let me know either way.

Rich :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s great, thanks Rich.
That makes sense.
Would rhywun ddwedodd wrtha’i work as well in that context?
Thanks again!


Hi @anna-lewis

Yes they are equivalent, ‘did say’ equals ‘said’ - and the same applies with other verbs too - the verb with the past tense ending is shorter and neater but loads of people use the longer version which scores highly on simplicity! :grin:

There is also the same potential as in English to create a slight emphasis that you ‘did’ do something with the one, rather than the other (usually in a squabble!) - in 1% of situations :grin:

Rich :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks Rich!
That will definitely help.