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Help with Welsh captions



Allech ryhwun o chi yn cymorthu fi gyda ysgrifenu yn gymraeg/yng nghymraeg? I’m a long-time learner looking for help to write a few Welsh captions for a film about Brynberian in Pembrokeshire. Would anyone be interested? I can put your name in the credits!

The video focusses on the regeneration of our village hall which reopened just before lockdown. There was a huge effort to raise the money. Loads of people got together to organise events and write grant applications and we had lots of individual donations. We wanted the renovated building to be ‘fit for the 21st century’, i.e. as energy efficient as possible while preserving its original character as a Victorian school. I’ve been lucky to find several people who went to the school in the 1950s and 60s, before it closed, and the idea is to weave some of those narratives (Welsh and English) into the main story line, bringing together aspects of the past with the present and a vision for the future which didn’t envisage a pandemic but did think about providing somewhere for people to get local food, health care and socialise.

The film project began as a project for a BTEC at Coleg Ceredigion. Having finished the course, I went on recording for months!

For the captions, I’m working on a sub-title for the video which is something like ‘How a Rural Community is Redefining Itself’. That’s a bit clumsy in English, and I’ve thought of something like ‘Siwd Ailnewydd Cymuned Cefngwyladol Ei Hunain’ - which is bound to be wrong… I’d be happy to hear suggestions for a better one.

Efaille, diolch am eich clystiau neu lygaid!


Hi Caroline!

This sounds like a really interesting project. I hope that you will be able to find someone very soon who can help you with the translations.

To be honest with you, translation can be tricky, even for a first language speaker like me, I’m afraid. There’s a certain skill to it which goes beyond the literal translation and therefore something that’s very often gotten wrong by people who don’t quite have enough experience - I’ve made this mistake myself in the past.

Please keep us updated as to how the project is going and share with us any links when you have them, we’d love to see it. :slight_smile:


Hello, Catrin

Sorry for leaving this conversation for so long, and thanks for taking it up. Ynddiheuriaddau. One of the projects I wanted help with was about clothes recycling and the use of Welsh wool. The idea came from a friend who used to work at the Cardigan Eco Shop. Before Covid got in everyone’s way, we got masses of footage, and I had a rough cut for the first section. In case you are interested, there’s a link below. Roedd y syniad codi y pwnc rhwng pobl sy’n gweithio yn polisi lwyodraeth, gan hynny nac oedd anelu i’r gyhoedd. Ro’n i’n cyfweld sawl pobl - ar enghraillt, yn Felin Tregwynt, yn yr Amgueddfa Wlan, a’r Amgueddfa Wehyddur, gyda rhywun o’r Wrap Cymru. But now, we’ve got a lot of material on our hands but everything is up in the air, and we/ve no idea if it’s worth saving.

Another project I’m working on is a film about our village school, which closed in the 1970s only to become the community hall. It’s a fascinating subject, trying to bring together indigenous Welsh residents, including farmers who went to the school in the 1940s, 50s and 60s, non-Welsh speaking newcomers, and people in between who either want to learn Welsh or not, all with the encouragement of a most amazing (Welsh) person who has almost single-handedly kick-started a massive collective fund-raising effort to regenerate the building. It will definitely need Welsh captions or voice overs!


The rough cut only contains a first section of the material, focussing on Carys Hedd.