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I can do that Catriona, do you want to make it 3:30 or 4:00 pm instead?


If it’s not too inconvenient for you, @cathfincher, 15:30 would give me a bit more breathing space to get there, find somewhere to park and find out where I’m going.


Excellent. I’ll see you at the Costa next to Marks and Spencers Food Hall (or whatever they call them these days) at 3:30 on Friday 22nd.

How will we recognise each other?


I was going to try and find my Marie Curie daffodil pin!

In case I can’t, I’m quite tall and will probably be wearing a coat with some pinky-red fur on the hood.


OK, I think I can probably work you out from your profile picture. Mine is less clear. I’ll try to get there early and I’ll read a Welsh book. I’ll put a dictionary on the table. See you tomorrow.


Yes it had crossed my mind that carrying a Welsh dictionary might be the answer :slight_smile:
See you tomorrow.


See you.


Great meeting with @cathfincher this afternoon - talking about books and families and books again!

Tentatively arranged a second meeting on THURSDAY 4th APRIL at 3pm at the Costa by M&S (NOT the one by Waterstones) in Berkhamsted. Hopefully next time a few others might join us. I found out that if you drive past the station, there is a car park on the left called Canal Fields which gives you four hours free parking, which is handy.

I this it’s @Deborah-SSi I need to alert to spread the word about this?


Yes, I can put it in the newsletter for you :slight_smile:


Thank you!


Final reminder that we are meeting again tomorrow, 3pm, at the Costa attached to M&S in Berkhamsted.

I have at least two friends who want to join us at some point in the future, though they can’t make it tomorrow. So I am hoping this will become a regular thing! Do join us if you can.

@cathfincher are still able to come? @jackie-butler can you make it this time?


Does this help? (not sure what the rules are!)

Rich :slight_smile:


Yes! It seems to have unblocked things. Thank you!

Another great meeting with @cathfincher on Thursday.

We have tentatively arranged to meet again on Thursday 18th April and Thursday 2 May.

I have at least one other friend (an SSiWer but not on the forum) who is hoping to join us next time.

It would be great to meet some others to, if you can make it. Time: 3pm. Place: Costa by M&S.


So at least three of us are meeting tomorrow afternoon (Thursday 18th April) at 3pm in the Costa next to M&S in Berkhamsted.

All welcome!


Excellent, see you there!


Lovely scwrs yesterday! I think we were talking (almost entirely in Welsh) for over two hours!

Next one on May 2nd, same place same time. Then there may be a bit of a break as some folks are away.


Would love to come to something like this but as I work I can’t :frowning:


Hi Elen,
Where are you based? What level are you? What times could you manage?

The coffee shop chat works well for us, but it might be possible to do something sometimes at other times, too. I potentially have a contact who might be able to do evenings in the Tring area, but I’m going to be away for quite a while from early May until the middle of June, so it might have to wait until after that.


And as the days get longer, evening meetups become more of a possibility. As Cath says - where are you based?


I don’t think there have been any other takers for this, but just in case, this week’s meet up has been moved to 2pm on Friday. Same place.

@ElenTylwythTeg I don’t think we ever heard back from you. Where/when would work for you? Let’s see if we can find a time that suits.