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Herts/ Beds/ Bucks Conversation Group


Would anyone like to meet up in Berkhamsted for a chat on Wednesday afternoon, 12th June?


Hi Jackie,

Sorry, I can’t make it. I’m stuck on the Rochdale canal in Hebden Bridge, and there is a stoppage for a damaged lock sill that we have to go through to come back. We should have been leaving to come back today, but we don’t know when this will be fixed. We may try and come some of the way back before the stoppage finishes, but at least here there are services and shops. Cheers Cath.


Hi I live in Chesham, and I have been hoping there was a Herts/Beds/ Bucks meet up! I am very excited to hear about this! I am doing the 6 month intensive course, I have just finished level 1, so am not very fluent yet but would love to practise. I know of another learner locally so I will let them know too. I am free some day times (between school hours) and some evenings.


Hello! I’m just up the road from you in Amersham. Would be great to meet.

I am about to head to the Parti Penblwydd, and I can’t do the 12th June either, I’m afraid. But I’m sure we can arrange something v soon!


How about Friday 14th?


Great to hear that you’d like to practise too and might have a plus 1 :slightly_smiling_face:


I was going to meet the other new learner, Emilie on Friday 14th! She would love to meet up with a group. She is only available at lunch time, and is coming from King’s Langley so doesn’t want to go to far (she is working from home). We were going to meet in Chesham, would that work for anyone? I will ask her to join this group too.


Hi Yes would love to join you. As Mhairi says, during the week lunchtimes are easiest for me but I can try and be flexible if that isn’t easy to accommodate. Hope to see you on 14th.


I can get to Chesham on the Metropolitan line. Would we be meeting in town?


Shall we meet at Roots? It is the town centre. 12.00? I can get there by 12.10. I can try to book a table.


That sounds great; thank you.
Roots looks lovely and it has vegan cakes; awesome :grinning:


Hurrah! Yes I can do that. I know another coup!e of learners locally. Is it okay to invite them too?


Hi Mhairi, you contacted me a few days ago. I lost the link to your post but have found you in this group. I live in Hatfield and hope to be able to join the group sometime. I am learning Welsh mainly through the CBAC (WJEC) route and go to the London Welsh Centre on Thursday evenings to chat in the bar. I’m unlikely to be able to join you over the summer but will keep an eye on the posts. However, I have contact with a numbers of learners and might be able to raise interest with them to join you as a group on a Wednesday lunchtime. I chat on Skype and would be happy to get to know you via Skype. If you’re interested, send me a wave. Elizabeth Liney


The more the merrier! Can you let me know a rough idea of numbers so I can book a tab;e.


Hi Elizabeth, thanks for your message. I work on Wednesdays so unfortunately I can’t go to meet ups then. I’d love to chat over Skype sometime though, thank you.


Hi Mhairi, Somehow I thought the meetings are on Wednesdays. I might be able to meet on Fridays, not the 3rd Friday, but not on 14th June. I have sent a message to you on Skype to make contact. Elizabeth


Hi Mhairi,
I have spoken to both of my friends. One can’t make it this time. The other would love to come, but will probably arrive a little later than 12 noon.

See you on June 14th!


Hi, I’m in Aylesbury and have joined this week. Work typical 9-5 hours so if anybody is meeting up in an evening then I’d be happy to join in!


I’m sure we can have some day and some evening meet ups, I’m really looking forward to meeting up with Welsh learners and speakers in the area.


I have booked a table in Roots Cafe in Chesham for 12.00, for Friday 14th June. It’s booked under my name, Mhairi Mason. I will be there about 12.10. How are we going to find each other?