How many active members are on this forum?


All what I know here is that one and only “rob” active is @robbruce Da iawn ti Rob! I love your posts wherever they appear and especially in Welsh Music Videos and Audio Files !

And yes @jamesmahoney this is exactly what I was looking for and I knew it has to be somewhere I just didn’t have the time to look closely as I was at work and it’s hard to eat good food (during the lunch time) and writing/searching things. :smile:


When I saw all those stats, I just had to look at my own. I know I’ve been on the forum some time, but…

1,500 days visited
21 days read time
3,900 topics viewed
72,400 posts read (how many?!!! I like reading :slight_smile:)
12 topics created, 363 posts created

906 likes given, 871 received (I’m glad I’ve given more than I received :heart:)

It’s a wonder I have any spare time to learn Welsh!


Well, you started the fun so I will continue it (I wanted to write “continue fe” :slight_smile: ) Here are my stats. :rofl:

A member (of this new(ish) forum) from February 11th 2013 (theoretically I came a year and a half earlier than @aran did :smile: )

  • 1,425 days visited
  • 44 days read time (approximately little for the time being here (and I thought I’m lingering on here like a spider’s net which can’t be swept off :smile: ) )
  • 2,697 topics viewed (yah I’m glued to some so appearance goes to them mainly. :slight_smile: )
  • 44,848 posts read (of course @helenlindsay you were on here a month earlier than me :smile: )
  • 44 topics created
  • 4,757 posts created (this one would count as 4,758.:slight_smile: ) (woopsy … I’ve said I’m talking too much! Why there’s no statistics about how many of them is nonsense :smile: )
  • 4,970 likes given
  • 5,891 likes received (thank you all! :slight_smile:
  • 60 bookmarks made
  • Profile viewed 594 times.

Exactly from 16.01.2013. :slight_smile:

Oh, this is fun … :slight_smile:


This just shows how much time and effort you put into supporting this forum.

Diolch yn fawr iawn :heart:


Diolch yn fawr iawn i chi gyd! :heart: