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How to post in 'Speaking Practice'


Is it acceptable to do what I know people do in wild and add in the odd English work, or ask “how do you say”. In fact , how do you say “how do you say x in welsh” ? (Nw)


I’ll leave @aran to answer on what’s acceptable, but the best way to get the most out of the exercise is to try not to throw in English words and think of a way around it (although unlike the same rule at bootcamp, it’s a bit difficult to do mimes on a sound file :wink: ) - though I would also say that throwing in English words is absolutely what happens ‘in the wild’, even with 1st language speakers.

“how do you say x in welsh” is “Sut wyt ti’n deud x yn y Gymraeg”

Keep at it though - I’ve listened to your answers and you’re doing fine. It takes practice (what this exercise is for!) and it will get easier! :slight_smile:


When you’re getting into real life conversations, I’d warmly encourage you to throw English stuff in whenever you feel like it, just to keep the conversation going.

In these ‘no time pressure’ practice situations, though, I think it would be very valuable for you to take the time to figure out anything that you want to say but you can’t yet - over time, that will become how you fill in the gaps and start to communicate more quickly and naturally… :slight_smile:


Fab! Wasn’t sure if it would count as cheating! :grinning:


Hello, this is my first time posting ever! I have had a big break in practicing my welsh and only got half way through level 1 just before christmas. But I am starting again today! I have just come back in to find all the 5 minute test stuff… when do people generally start recording? And what are the list of phrases? Can I do everything on my mobile?

Sorry for all the questions!




Welcome back to the learning and welcome to the forum!

The ‘5-minute’ phrases and then the progressions (the coloured speech bubbles) are explained here Pink, red, green, blue and beyond... what do they mean?

There are various ways to make and upload the recordings in different threads - everyone has their preferred method depending on what devices they have available - so if you get stuck and can’t find the answer you need, just give another shout!


Thanks Siaron! I will have a look… think I might need a bit more practice before I can use all those words in 5 minutes. Soon - I will also have to figure out how to upload :slightly_smiling_face:



AsYou all say that i HAVE sent a message it must be true… Last week I wrote a pathetic message bemoaning the fact that only 1 person came on Skype on Dydd Dewi Sant… I don’t think that was delivered.
After I finished writing I looked underneath in order to “SEND"or “SUBMIT” … the only words at the bottom of my epistle were” +Topic" in a blue box and “cancel” next to it in a paler box. Neither of which would “send”. Am I writing in the wrong place? I start with my pink “badge” and with "NEW TOPIC " and then write on a paper that comes on the screen. Sometimes I have tried on “Reply” … ! but that doesn’t work either. I Need a "Driving Instructor to sit beside and guide me.

Thank you very much for your offered help-- I do keep trying.


‘+ Topic’ would post a new discussion - so yes, it would send… :slight_smile:






Still don’t know if I’m doing this right. Hoping someone will point me in the right direction if I’m not.

Simple Question. AliC (Level 1).


Ateb i June



speaking practice from June:


Hoffwn i dod o hyd i rywun a fydd am sgwrsio ar lein gyda fi. Ymarfer siarad. Facetime neu rhywbeth fel ’ ny.

Dw i wedi bod yn dysgu tua phum mlynedd, yn y dosbarth cyffredinol. A chwech wythnos gyda SSi.

Oes unrhywun ar gael ac yn barod, os gwelwch yn dda?


Hi Nora,
The best thing to do would be to join the Welsh Speaking Practice Group on Slack - you can speak to people of all abilities on there, either in 1-to-1 chats or in group hangouts, with or without video. You can find details of how to join in this thread:


I can offer no help but just add that very rarely can i do , on my devices, what we are being advised to do.
Part of the problem is, probably, just me and part of it is that my devices are too old to support the Apps.
Dal ati