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How to post in 'Speaking Practice'



I;m sorry if this is the wrong place.

I’ve recorded something on my computer voice recorder, but don’t know how to upload it here.

What do I do?


Hi @dianne-1! The next step is to upload your audio to SoundCloud, then share the link. I did my recording on my Android phone, though, so I’m not exactly sure how to do it in a browser.


@sasha-lathrop I have soundcloud on my phone (android) not on my computer. How would I get it off my phone onto SSiW on my computer? I haven’t tried SSiW on my phone, it has very little memory, a bit like it’s owner :wink:



I did it!!! recorded on Soundcloud on the phone, sent it to myself via email then on the computer copied and pasted it here :nerd_face::nerd_face:


Hi This is a second attempt to get this on the Speaking Practice page.Tatyana picked it up and corrected it but I can’t see it here, so trying again.


Level 1
I’m not sure how to attach my sound



That’s posted fine @jennycassidy! When you’re ready to do your sentences, you shouldn’t have a problem posting them :slight_smile:

And that’s a good practice attempt from you as well @mike-richardson. I look forward to hearing your sentences when you’re given that task.


I thought I had posted my sentences but will try again!

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done the five minute test but probably failed the ‘use a chatroom’ test!

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How do I record my sentences on SoundCloud???

  • I want to Dw i’n moyn Dw i’n moyn siarad gyda ti

  • I’m going to Dw i’n mind i Dw i’n mynd i gofio siarad Cymraeg

  • I can’t Alla i ddim Alla i ddim ymarfer gyda ti achos dw i ddim yn meddwl bod hi’n ddiddorol.

  • I need Ma eisiau i Ma eisiau i fi fynd nawr

  • What Beth Dwi ddim yn siwr sut i ddweud beth on i’n moyn dweud

  • But Ond Ond dw i’n joio ymarfer siarad Cymraeg

  • I wanted O’n i’n moon O’n i’n moyn dysgu sut i ddweud rhywbeth arall yn Gymraeg

  • I’ve just started Ma newydd ddechrau Ma newydd ddechrau ymarfer trio siarad mwy gyda ti

  • I’ve forgotten Dw i wedi anghofio Dw i wedi anghofio sut i ddweud unrhywbeth arall

  • I was trying O’n i’n trio O’n i’n trio mynd i ymarfer gyda ti am biti mis

  • That I need Bo’ fi’n eisiau Dw i wedi anghofio dweud bo’ fi’n eisiau meddwl mwy.

  • I must Ma rhaid i fi Ma rhaid i fi stopo nawr.

  • I’d like to Hoffen i Hoffen i siarad Cymraeg gyda ti ond mae rhaid i fi fynd nawr.


Done it! Took me longer to work out to post on here than to say all my sentences lol :slight_smile:


Done it


I’m assuming you’re posting that you’ve done your pink bubble challenge @rachel-cully & @PaulWilson - in that case, I’ll tag @CatrinLliarJones because she might not see it in this thread and I don’t know how to move your posts to this thread The '5 Minutes' Test **Going Pink** 💮


Yes please @siaronjames - that would be great.