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How to set up and record to an account in SoundCloud


I don’t use Soundcloud for recording, really just as a way of getting the sound file from my computer to the forum! If a file is stored in Soundcloud, you just need to highlight and copy the ‘URL’ and then post that as a reply to get your recorded message into this forum.
Does that make sense?


I think I’m having a bad day. I’ve installed Soundcloud on my iPhone, but there is nowhere on screen to make a recording etc. I’ve got a Home/flash/search and profile icon at the bottom. But all I see on the Home page is “Featured”, “First on SoundCloud” and a lot of other stuff that I’m not interested in.


The Welsh is fine well wonderful. Bendigedig. Up to challenge 16 now. BUT I need a 5 day intensive on Say something in software! On iPhone 6 installed soundcloud when first mentioned some weeks ago but no sign of any of the features mentioned in your guide, Aran, so can’t join in the fun of uploading and sharing my London Welsh accent 5 minute thing. I have tried to explore several times. Also following forum threads has not helped. Also confused by Thursdays Hot Seat feedback phenomenon. … when was following on YouTube on laptop and suddenly found myself in a hot seat through Google groups on my phone was it ? but it seemed my emergence on the scene caused feedback because I had YouTube on to follow the conversation. So my last question is how do you both follow the group conversation and then jump in without causing feedback especially if you only use 1 device. Helpich fi os gwelluchan dda


@Cire @cadairidris - if you go to #3-useful-gems in the Slack group, there’s a great document in there from Iain about using SoundCloud with iOS devices - it should help you get it under control… :slight_smile:

@cadairidris - for the hangouts, you’re right, having the live broadcast on YouTube on at the same time as you are in the hangout itself will cause problems. The only way to be able to jump in is to be part of the hangout - so it might be that you just want to join the hangout and not follow on YouTube. When it’s busy, though, and people are hot-seating (ie moving in and out of the hangout so that everyone can get a turn) you’ll need to swap to and fro - the easiest way to do that is to keep Slack open, so that you can find the links to YouTube and to the hangout itself… :slight_smile:


@Aran. I think I’m getting totally confused. I’ve looked at the various Slack groups (left list) but can’t see one marked #3-useful-gems. Could you give me a link please, I’m not used to finding my way around Slack. :blush:


Guide to IOS Soundcloud for SSIW’ers.pdf (362.7 KB)

Here is my short guide. If it doesn’t explain enough, let me know and I’ll try to improve it.


Oh, superb cross-posting, @iaindavies3 :star: :star2:

@cire - if you click on ‘channels’ over on the left, then type 3 into the search box that comes up, you should be good… :slight_smile:


@Aran and @iaindavies3. Many thanks for your Guide Iain, it was easy to follow. However, there doesn’t seem to be a way to delete a recording. I tried pressing the recorded file, but all it does is take me to the edit/Soundcloud screen. In Edit, I had to try and cut sections until it was all gone - I hope it has anyway as I certainly don’t want it sitting up in icloud :slight_smile:

I’m uncomfortable putting anything up on the internet unless I know I can delete later if necessary.

At least I’ve managed to get the recording button working, although at first I didn’t realise it was recording, so my language might have been colourful so I hope I’ve cut it all out though it still says there’s a recording. Tomorrow I may try, if I’ve got time, to take the next step and upload a word to SoundCloud.


When I go to the site on a desktop and click on ‘More’ at the bottom of any of my tracks, I see ‘Delete track’… maybe you need to be on the site in a browser? :slight_smile:


@Aran: Not sure how I can delete the audio file on my iPhone using the browser, as the file hasn’t been uploaded yet. Don’t worry, I’ll try and figure it out - just proves I tend to use my phone to make phone calls rather than a media device :grinning: Just wondering if it would be easier to do this from my computer - at least I can see all my files (unlike the phone).


Probably, although I’m a little biased on that - I find Apple devices about as easy to navigate as… um, as a very-difficult-to-navigate thing.


I feel for you, cadairidris, as I have been struggling with Soundcloud and my iPhone 5 for the past 5 weeks!!! I was spending more time on the techy stuff than on the Welsh and got REALLY frustrated!!! But I am finally there! So here’s my experience. I hope it helps. I downloaded the “AudioCopy” App and the “Soundcloud” App onto my phone. Open AudioCopy and press ‘Make a recording’. Press red button to both start and stop (confusing) and then the green tick. Press the recording on ‘My recordings page’. Then Soundcloud SHARE. Then ‘Post to SoundCloud’ at the bottom of the page. You should get box which says “Yay, that worked”. At this point forget the iPhone and open SoundCloud on your computer. It should have your recording in Stream. If it’s not, click on “collection” which will give you Overview then click User and your number. On the next page click Tracks then the share symbol under the recording. This gives you ‘Share Embed Message’ at the top and a Private Share Code under the recording. Ignore Embed and Message. Now you move to the forum page you want, click Reply at the bottom. Type anything you need to to identify your post and then drag or copy the Coded Link to the same box. A SoundCloud symbol should appear in the right hand box. Ignore that and click on the blue Reply button at the bottom. It’s taken me 5 weeks to work this out! Hope it works on iPhone 6 as well. Good luck!!!


Thank you very much Aran, Iain. It’s not as straightforward as the original invitation to Soundcloud suggestd but now appears manageable esp Iain’s clear guide and thank you too to Andreaeynon in your kind message for proving it’s not impossible. I app reciate your backup and know where to turn if it still gets tricky.


I’ve made my one word recording (Week 4 task) but although it sounds loud when I play back my file on the PC, I can hardly hear it via SoundCloud. All volume bars are up. Have I missed something?


Mmmm… levels can be fiddly… this might be about your input levels… or it might play okay for other people… probably best to wait until you’ve got a sentence up there and then see if we can hear it okay or not… :slight_smile:


Hi. I believe that Soundcloud does not change audio levels (although many other similar sites do). However each item of software to play audio is likely to have a default playback level. Separately there is your devices playback level. So you can open one file in two programs, and hear differences in the volume. So I suggest you check how you are hearing it played back from soundcloud. Is it playing through the browser? On a PC, rather than play directly in soundcloud, try downloading, then playing the downloaded version. Are you familiar with Audacity? You can use that to see the waveform from your original file, and compare it to that downloaded back from Soundcloud. Hopefully this will help you see what is happening.


@iaindavies3 I’ve played back the file on my PC and it sounds normal. I recorded using Audacity on my PC, as I found that easier than trying to use my iPhone.

Okay just tried it again. My original sound file is still muffled, but I had also done a second recording straight after, so clicking on that one and it sounds fine. Weird :slight_smile:


I’m not sure if I’m being particularly stupid, but having downloaded the app on my iPhone, I can’t see an option to make a recording anywhere - not sure if it’s just me, or if you can’t record in the app? (using a PC not really an option, as I only have an ancient laptop at home which doesn’t work very well, and there are lots of restrictions on my work PC).


Okay, I’ve just had a quick look on Google, and apparently you can only upload via a PC not via iOS. I’m a bit worried now, as the latest email suggested we would need to be using Soundcloud as part of the course, and at the moment I can’t see any way I can use it to upload content.


Hello Jenny Have a look at the post and link here from @iaindavies3 on April 17th.
We were very grateful for all the help Ian gave is when we started the 6 month course and Hope you will find it helpful.