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How to set up and record to an account in SoundCloud


Thanks Tricia (and Iain) - I’ve downloaded the Audio Copy app now, so will give this a try later.


Thought I would be ambitious for my Week 16 challenge! Any feedback much appreciated - hope it works…


That’s definitely jumping in at the deep end! And excellently done, sir… :slight_smile:


No idea if this is going to work - I am not good with technology !


Like a dream :slight_smile: :star2:


I’m so proud of myself ! Not only made it to learning Welsh, but become a tech bod as well !

Thank you Aran, appreciated. More than you know.


Wow! That’s great! I have not even thought of trying that yet :joy:


Nothing is happening when I click on “upload”
Any good ideas please?


Hi, Yes -
Did you already record your snippet (voice recording) using your voice recorder?

If yes, then when you press upload on Soundcloud, you can select that voice recorded file - similar to attaching a file to an email.


Hi all

I’ve had a Soundcloud account for years.

I’ve downloaded the AudioCopy app and recorded a word in Welsh. When I try to upload to my Soundcloud account, I keep getting an error message (422).

Has anyone been getting this? I don’t have any Soundcloud uploads, so I can’t have reached my limit.


Any help gratefully received.


I’m having trouble myself…but no helpful error messages…


Ok. SoundCloud issues. Both irksome.

First issue, I can’t stop it playing music at me. Automatically after I listened to my recording.

Second issue, I’ve acquired a naked follower called Priscilla.

Anyone got any tips on how to deal with the unwanted music and how stop people (with or without clothes) from following me?

I’d be very grateful :slight_smile


Ah…I do have it try to play music at me too…but this far have avoided the queen of the desert :thinking:
Both are irksome. I can’t get the app to do anything, so l gave up and use the laptop.


Done. Whew, what a sweat. Found I had a SoundCloud acc already with all my listening stored there - Māori language audios I’d listened to. I managed to record something - a sentence in Cymraeg - and after trial and error then actually found it listed (marked it private) by tapping on my profile icon. Gruesome listening. Time for a cuppa and a little lie down.


I have the same issues. Hideous music, which I’ve stopped by putting my 3 second sound recording onto repeat (it’s still annoying, but a solution of sorts!), and a follower who has invited me to join her for sex within seconds of my account activating. Apparently I can block the follower by going to ‘her’ account and selecting the block option in the top right according to their FAQS, but I can’t see the option anywhere on her page at all, in fact the top right just shows me how to follow a dodgy link for fun times with said special lady…this is why I hate technology!!!


I am on week 7 but have struggled with this soundcloud bit from Wk 4. I have the soundcloud app downloaded and have looked at it on laptop as well and can’t see anywhere to record anything. I am on apple devices. Like others am a bit frustrated as probably could have done Wk 7 work in the time I have faffed around trying to record one word / sentence :scream:
I have seen the post about downloading Audio Copy and may try this when my will to live returns :wink:
My other problem is we live rurally and I am on satellite broadband with limited data so finding it difficult to watch clips / download apps / join hangouts / watch playbacks etc. I hadn’t realised this would be necessary when signing up!
Will persevere with the ‘challenges’ but am finding myself challenged in more ways than expected!! Any helps / ideas appreciated


Right - I think I have achieved recording one word! I can’t find how to stop the auto play of Free Uzi though after my one word, despite trying to follow iain’s very helpful pdf. Not sure where I am meant to post this. Will try to do the same process for the sentence shortly. Not convinced at the moment that it has been worth all the effort…and not sure our internet will stand much of it if I can’t find how to turn auto play off.
Sorry to sound grumpy - just feels like a waste of an afternoon at the moment… :relieved:


Hi @jane-holmes, sorry you’re finding this a bit of a technological nightmare. Depending on the device you’re using, it definitely works easier for some people than others, but your word has come across loud and clear!

SoundCloud does seem to have an autoplay feature that takes you on to random music at times, but it never comes across in the clip that you upload to the forum, so that’s one blessing.

I see that you have your pink badge, so the next thing that you will be asked to record and upload will be your sentences, but until you get that task, you can sit back and ignore SoundCloud for now :slight_smile:

And this isn’t an essential part of the course. It’s great if you can do it and it works for you, but it’s certainly not something to worry about. If you have limited broadband, it’s better to concentrate on downloading the challenges so you can use them offline.


Your instructions are very clear and helpful thank you.
I now have a recording on the sound cloud app :smiley:
I just need to work out how to put it on the forum :grimacing:


Has this worked?