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How to set up and record to an account in SoundCloud


That’s just tech!
Diolch i helpu, @rich Thanks for helping.


I am trying to set up Soundcloud to record for week 16 task.I have got as far as the upload screen and set the privacy setting. How do I record from there?
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I too am having trouble with soundcloud recording.
Once in i am taken to a page which offers me all sorts of music options and when i go to a page which has an option to record, i can record a word but when i try to upload it, an upload failed message appears. None of the pages look like your image. I also can’t find audiocopy in the apps store which has been recommended.


The way to record, upload to SoundCloud, and post to the forum varies depending on the device and operating system you’re using. Below are the basic steps that you need to work through to record the sentences for the 5-minutes test, but if you have specific difficulties you want to ask about, it’s a good idea to include information on whether you’re trying to use the SoundCloud app, and whether it’s on a phone, a tablet, or a PC. I hope this helps demystify the process a little:

  1. create a SoundCloud account

  2. use some simple voice recording software to record your sentences - the ones you created to say within 5 minutes. Most devices have some kind of built-in voice recorder, but if not, there are lots of basic free ones you can download.

  3. Upload your voice file to SoundCloud. Some voice recorders have a "Share to SoundCloud" option and you can use that; otherwise, go into your SoundCloud account, find "Upload", and point that at your voice file.

  4. Within SoundCloud, find the "Share" option, which will give you a link to copy. Copy that and paste it into


Hi, how do you set the soundcloud to private please? I have clicked on options and can’t find private. Many thanks Jeanette


Hi, I just recorded myself speaking Welsh and noticed the private button came up afterwards. So all okay now thanks.