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How to set up and record to an account in SoundCloud


I’m having this same issue of SoundCloud wanting me to upgrade immediately. Anyone got any suggestions?


Are you able to just ignore it @sakina-murdock? If it’s happening with an app, what happens if you use the website in a browser instead?


Soundcloud mobile site (on my tablet) is unusable, just pishing me to get the app, no way of logging in etc.

Will attempt to get my laptop rolling later, but that’s for work time! My Welsh learning is done while baban is in bed!

Tried Soundcloud app on a different device and it seems they are pushing their paid plans at £5.99 and £9.99 per month.

I take it, these recordings are going to be listened to at some point? I can’t just use my device recording function?


The SoundCloud part of the course is very small, and a ‘nice to have’ but not essential. You can see in The '5 Minutes' Test - recordings the kind of task that you’re asked to do with it, but only if it’s free.

No one has had to pay for anything to do with SoundCloud so it’s bizarre that you’re being asked to do that.

It will be fine if you just do the recording step for yourself and don’t worry about uploading it to SoundCloud. Later on you can go back and listen to your recordings and you’ll see the progress that you’re making.


I’m having the same problem. How did you solve it!?


Hi Rachel,

To be honest it’s that long ago I can’t remember! I think t had to record it in one part if SoundCloud then copy and paste it to the forum…but I’m not entirely sure


Which part is giving you difficulty? The SoundCloud app doesn’t really seem to help a lot to be honest. I think it’s designed more for letting you listen to music!

What you need to do, once you’ve recorded yourself, is to go into SoundCloud in a browser. That gives you an ‘Upload’ option that is easier to use. Once you’ve found your voice file and uploaded it, you then get a ‘Share’ option and you can copy the link from there and paste it on the forum.

At the “Welsh word” stage though you don’t need to paste that to the forum. It’s a bit of practice for you with SoundCloud, then later you’ll be asked to record sentences and paste them to the forum.


Hi there. Loving the course.
I’ve downloaded the soundcloud app, in Android, and made an account. But on the home screen there isn’t an “upload” option. There’s just loads of tracks I could listen to. I’m sure this will be my fault, but what next?


Hi @william-vandyck I hope you got this sorted, but if not I think you need to open SoundCloud in a browser, rather than on the phone app, to see the Upload button.


I’m going to just listen to it myself as suggested. Having all the same problems as described in this section of the forum. I’ve spent hours trying to sort this. Just not prepared to waste any more time on it. Sorry.


Thank you so much. It put me back a week, but I finally cracked Soundcloud with your help. I know that I could have ignored it, but I’m very lazy with technology and made myself get out of my comfort zone.


Possibly I should have posted this sooner in case anyone else has the same problem. When I started using Soundcloud I couldn’t upload recordings, but it turned out to be because you have to verify your account first. The verification email didn’t come through but once I got it resent and did as it asked, I was able to go ahead.


Recording directly into Soundcloud didn’t work for me on my computer or my phone. However, on my computer there is a voice recorder which I used and then uploaded the track onto my Soundcloud account. Seems like they have either removed this function or changed its location somewhere I can’t find it!


I am having problems. I have downloaded Soundcloud onto my android but my mobile phone isn’t powerful enough to download it for me to record into. Another other suggestions please? diolch yn fawr - Therese


I clicked where l was a directed, but there was no “Create account” button. Please help. Thanks.


Hi Aran. Having a bit of trouble. I have downloaded the android app onto my android phone but the screen I have only offers me the chance to listen to music - it is completely different from yours above here. It does not have my name or the uption to upload. Do you know what I have done wrong? Thanks


It’s probably not you Tricia - Soundcloud itself has changed since SSiW first started using it as a platform to upload recordings, and lots of people now seem to have trouble with it. The tech team here are working on an alternative, but it’s not ready yet. I’m not familiar with apps at all, but maybe someone who is will know of a work-around. In the meantime, it’ll be fine to hang on to any recordings you do and post them at a later date.


If you open the Soundcloud app, you should see a black bar across the bottom. One of the icons in that black bar looks a bit like a row of books with one falling over slightly. Press that.

That should take you to a different screen. In the top right hand corner there should be a circle with a generic silhouette of a person in it. Press that.

On the next screen, you should see a list of options. One says ‘record’.


I’m just about at the end of my tether with sound cloud I’m spending too much time trying to sort it out and getting behind with my learning . Cani just do the challenges and skip the recordings please?


Hope this helps…