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How to set up and record to an account in SoundCloud


To all frustrated SoundClouders, I’m having a Chatathon this Thursday, September 24th. It means I stay around all day, hoping people will chat to me on Slack WSP or Slack 6/6, Skype, Zoom, over the phone, or by shouting through my window. I like little chats of 3 to 30 minutes, north or south, any level, so if you need to practise your sentences or just say what you’ve learned so far to someone else, send me a private message!

Volunteer '5 Minute' Listeners

That’s a fabulous offer not to be missed Bronwen! Diolch for your generosity of time and enthusiasm. I hope you have many learners joining you to liven up the day. :slight_smile:

I’m going to share a link to your message in another thread as well to increase the audience. :wink:


I’m very frustrated with sound cloud but I am practicing speaking welsh with some other learners in the U3A in Llandudno via zoom. I feel that I am making progress. Dw,i wedi bod yn siarad cymraeg efo pobol yn y siop a Dw’in teimlo yn mwy hyderus bob tro.


That’s great, @gillian-boocock! Especially talking with people in the community - I still find that difficult sometimes, but it’s very rewarding, isn’t it, when you can have a real conversation?