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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


I am Welsh, but born and brought up in the Vale of Glamorgan, in deep south English speaking country, of English speaking parents, it was never on the cards. I’ve always found the language beguiling but have been increasingly ashamed that I can speak more French and Italian - and even German at a push - than I can the language of my home country, which was the birth language of both my grandmothers!
My cousin Huw from near Llanfair Caereinion said to me before I went to his mother’s funeral a few years ago ‘you’ll need to practise your Welsh, Sue’ and I was too ashamed to tell him that I didn’t really have any to practise!

I’m hoping for a chance in due course, preferably at a happier occasion than another family funeral, to speak in Welsh with him and maybe more of the many Welsh speaking cousins I met that day, who welcomed me warmly even though I was representing the only English monoglot branch of the family!
Oh, and there are of course lots more Welsh speakers within a day trip of where I now live in Shropshire and not necessarily over the border!

Sorry got a bit carried away here!


Go for it Sue.
I bet you have more of a Welsh accent than you credit yourself with.
Oh!, crackin :smiley:


I want to be a Welsh speaker then I can speak with my partner as grandchildren in both languages, and it’s important to understand the language of the country I live in.


I wanted to learn Welsh as I am expected to teach it and I have found so far that SSiW has improved both my ability and confidence in doing so, I hope this continues.


it’s such a beautiful language that I’d like to use now I live in Wales. Learning with SSI Welsh challenges me everyday and the process has also given me an improved focus in other areas of life!


I want to be a Welsh speaker because, I owe it to myself.
I am of the first generation on my fathers side, who’s first language was not Welsh.
I want to help keep the language alive.


hi. i want to be a welsh speaker because i am moving to wales and i really want to become part of the community and really show that i am making an effort to fit in and respect traditions and culture. i decided two years ago to renovate the house i have in england , sell it and move to snowdonia. lock down happened just as i was getting ready to sell and its seems the whole world decided to buy in snowdonia. i found several places online but by the time i could view they were gone. some sold in 24 hours!
i am now torn between two lovely cottages, one in bont dolgadfan, llanbrynmair and the other in llanerfyl not far from welshpool.
i have a welsh sheepdog who will be one next month - his name is caddi - hadnt realised its close to the welsh for cathy haha poor boy…anyway that is why i want to become a welsh speaker, i am a true ‘cambrophile’


I have wanted to speak Welsh ever since I was a little girl. Lockdown provided me with a cast iron reason to get started.


I want to be a welsh speaker because I’ve bought a property in Anglesey and want to feel at home here.


I was brought up in Risca (South East Wales) which is totally English speaking but since moving to the countryside of Swansea where Welsh is spoken, I wanted to join in the conversation.


achos dwi i n cari Cymru!


I learned as a boy in grammar school - as a foreign language. My own children and grandchildren have or are being brought up in Welsh language schools. My wife is a first language Welsh speaker. It is time I caught up with my family. I will be 82 in February. I have been using SSIW for 18 months and thoroughly enjoying it. Diolch yn fawr. . .


I want to be a Welsh speaker because when my little boy starts school I want to help him with his homework.


I moved from England to Wales and want to learn, support and encourage the language.


My grandson attends a Welsh medium school and I want to speak to my grandsons in Welsh.


I’m back tracking slightly. I covered L1 up to challenge 15 free on the app. Now I’m a member and just brushing over old challenges.

I want to be a Welsh speaker because I’d like to keep up with my children in a Welsh medium playgroup/school since moving to Wales almost 2 years ago.

I hope that I will be confident enough to speak with the teachers in Welsh one day.


Great Sam. Part of my family is in Risca and I live in Skewen - Wow.

Anyway, you will have the perfect accent for the Southern Challenges (partly based on Bargoed Welsh) and you’ll be surprised at how many Welsh words you are already using in your English.


I was born in a part of Wales where no-one speaks Welsh. It always troubled me that I didn’t speak my mother tongue. When I was younger I suppose it didn’t trouble me enough to actually do anything about it. To be fair I was never a natural at languages and the resources weren’t available then like they are now. It was always on my mind though, that i would one day do something about it. There was career, which has taken me across the border East, and family that consumed every minute - it wouldn’t have worked then.

Earlier this year, with more free time and a bit of encouragement, I started looking at SSIW online. I mistakingly started the Old Course (South) and was too far in to turn back before I realised there was new material. I am onto the new challenges now, which have a lot of different content to the old course, so am still learning new material. I’m finding this fairly straightforward so far, as much is familiar.

I am so proud of myself having got this far. I never thought I would be able to understand and say this much by now. I may never be fluent and my range may always be limited but now I CAN speak in my mother tongue and will keep going and learning as much as I can.

I plan to move back to Wales in the next few years (been dreaming of this for ever) and hope for more exposure then.


Hi John,

Thanks for the info, small world. What level are you on in SSIW?

R. Sam


In short, because I’ve grown to love the sound of my native language so much and have become more aware than ever that we need to work to keep it alive and growing.
I live in Maesteg, Mid Glamorgan which now has a Welsh medium school serving the surrounding borough and have friends and family who speak welsh ( including two who are natives of Porthmadog). So after contemplating learning Cymrag for many years and after retiring recently I decided to really go for it when I discovered the brilliant SSiW. Diolch yn fawr