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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I have missed out on learning the language. I grew up in English-speaking Abertawe and whilst I can impress my friends by reciting Llanfairpg, I can’t speak the language of home. I’m 71 now and finding it difficult, but am going to persevere.


Hi Sam. I’ve been learning steadily for a while now. I have completed the levels of challenges and am learning from the Advanced Content section now.


At the other end of the world with nobody to speak Welsh to, I hang onto the idea that I do not need a reason. It is enough that the learning feels good. Learning Welsh gives my mind focus at a time when the distraction of my work collapsing around me is distressing. And my ancestors spoke it.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because Ive lived in Wales all my life and its ridiculous that I cant speak more than I do - I do already speak a small amount. Also, Ive a couple of friends (who I only see once or twice a year) for whom Welsh is their first language, and it`s embarrassing that they have to switch to English to include me in the conversation.


I want to learn Welsh so one day I move to North Wales and integrate fully into the community.


…because I was born a Welshman and my family will be so proud that I am finally able to speak the language of my birth.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I want my children to stay connected to all their family roots, culturally and linguistically.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I have had a lot of customers who`s first language is Welsh, and I have missed opportunities for being on S4C but most of all because I love Wales.


Well I want to become a Welsh speaker because my biological farther was North Walian, and I would like to learn the language. I am also interested in Welsh culture and history. (Also just a quick question, I did not get invited to Slack via email - Is this normal)


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I want to speak Welsh and have always wished that I could speak it, since I was a child.


Going to slightly cheat here and use what I’ve learnt so far

Dwi moyn dysgu siarad cymraeg achos dwi caru cymru a dwi moyn Yr iaith cymraeg parhau.


I’m not the Welshman I could be without it :slight_smile:


I want to speak Welsh with my kids and in work with colleagues. Confidently.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I have family who’s first language is Welsh and would love to be able to speak to them in Welsh. Also because I’d like to move to North Wales as soon as I can, and be able to speak the language day to day. This ties into my hopes too.


Hi, Johnnie. If you asked for an invitation to join the Welsh Speaking Practice group on Slack, (by e-mailing, and you didn’t get a reply, then yes, there’s been a glitch. Please e-mail again!


I want to be a Welsh speaker for many reasons: because I am interested in languages; because Welsh sounds so beautiful; because it is going to be a real challenge to me. I was sucked in by the taster and I’m finding the SaySomethingIn method really exciting and the challenges have brightened up a really tough year. I am looking forward to visiting Wales when things get better and having a go.


i want to be able to communicate with Welsh speaking relatives in their first language


I was born and brought up in Wales and I love the language. I hope to be able to speak Welsh when I go home to Wales.


*I want to be a Welsh speaker because, after many years living and working outside of Wales I’ve finally retired back home, and now have the time learn my native language.
Once I have mastered “entry” level Welsh with SSIW I hope and enjoy rediscovering our proud history and culture through its language!


I want to relate more closely to my roots as I feel a part of me is “missing”; I want to support the young members of the family who have the opportunity to learn Welsh in school that was denied me; and feel strongly about helping to preserve the language for the future