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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


In short, because I’ve grown to love the sound of my native language so much and have become more aware than ever that we need to work to keep it alive and growing.
I live in Maesteg, Mid Glamorgan which now has a Welsh medium school serving the surrounding borough and have friends and family who speak welsh ( including two who are natives of Porthmadog). So after contemplating learning Cymrag for many years and after retiring recently I decided to really go for it when I discovered the brilliant SSiW.
In the future I hope I will, at last, be able to converse with friends and other Welsh speakers when my wife and I tour Wales in our caravan. But also to feel a greater connection to welsh culture old and new ie: music, poetry, TV (S4C) and film.


I want to be able to speak to my dad in Welsh, he started learning just before me!


I want to speak Welsh because I was born, grew up and live in Welsh and feel sad when I’m asked if can speak the language and I answer “No”.
Now I can at least respond with, “dwi wedi ddechrau trio dysgu siarad Cymraeg, ond dwi wedi ymarfer mwy”.

I hope learing the language will inspire others to do the same and help me connect more with my community through our native language.


I want to be a Welsh speaker so I can support my young daughter in her embracing of the language at a Welsh medium school. I first moved to Wales at the age of 10, and although I was taught 2nd language Welsh until the age of 16, I sadly never appreciated the value of the language at that time, and made little effort to learn! :grimacing: I now hope to make amends for that, and take this second chance with the help & inspiration of SSiW to become a proud Welsh language speaker!!


I want to be a Welsh speaker because my Grandad was from South Wales and even though he didn’t speak much Welsh himself, looking into our ancestry lots of our ancestors did.

I also love visiting Wales so I hope to be able to talk with people when I visit.


Fi’n moyn dysgu Cymraeg achos fi’n moyn siarad gyda fy nheulu yn Gymrarg


I want to be a Welsh speaker because… I was born a Welshman and my family will be so proud that I can finally speak the language of my birth.


I want to be a welsh speaker because my grandparents and father were welsh first language but I didn’t have the opportunity of learning welsh whilst at school. My children are fluent welsh speakers as are a lot of my friends and I would like the opportunity of developing my confidence in conversing with them in welsh.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I would be able to communicate with my partner and grandchildren in their own language and feel more part of Wales, a country I love.


This is my post from a different topic, but couldn’t resist answering this thread :heart:

"I have had many fond childhood visits to beautiful Wales over many years and I’m happily engaged to my fiancee who has Welsh parentage. We’re both teachers and looking to move to Wales from south-east England to settle down and teach there!

Naturally we want to integrate with and contribute toward the community, and to play our part in fostering the growth of the Welsh language: once settled we would absolutely love (and to aim for) for our future children to speak it. Speaking the language will also show our commitment to living and working in Wales and this would be particularly important in the education sector where the language and the expectation to speak it is, I feel, growing.

As a few people on here seem to have also experienced already, Duolingo is good but it’s not complete and is lacking in something (and sometimes feels disjointed, like pronouncing “ga i” and “dw i” is very bizarre on Duolingo). I am thus utilising self-teaching resources from different sources, such as this. Ultimately myself and my fiancee will also enrol on a course such as those promoted by the Welsh Government’s Dysgu Cymraeg campaign.

Pleased to meet you all and I look forward to sharing this journey learning this wonderful ancient language with you."


These type of questions I always find difficult - one gets these urges to do things at times and they are difficult to fully justify - but I decided to learn to speak Welsh because I frequently holiday in Mumbles and the Gower and would like to more fully participate in the real (as opposed to tourist) culture and community activities. Also Welsh is an interesting language being different from the common languages taught at school which makes it interesting. Current lockdown has created a good opportunity to get started and removed all the obstacles to starting. So onwards and upwards!


I have always regretted not learning the language while I lived in Wales.

I hope to be able to hear, read and understand the Welsh used on social media and television programmes.


I want to learn to speak Welsh because I have lived in Wales all my life and I should be able to speak much more than I can at the moment. Also I have a couple of friends, who I only see once or twice a year, who are both Welsh speakers, but when we get together they have to switch to English so that I can join in.


I fell out of the habit of SSiW but I’ve picked it back up and I’m feeling really good about it! So I’m reminding myself of why I want to do it here:

I want to be a Welsh speaker because… I want to create and perform in bi-lingual projects and I love being Welsh, so I want to see the language grow and to be a part of that!

Sending lots of love to everyone in this mad world :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I want to be a welsh speaker because I feel it’s a wonderful unique ancient language that needs to be kept alive. It would also give me some self-esteem to accomplish becoming a fluent welsh speaker, a little super power of my own.


In one sentence? well: I was doing some research on Wales for a writing project, and images of the mountains were turning up, and they are so bare of trees, which I was aware was probably due to grazing, but I wasn’t sure, so I was poking around on the internet looking for whether there were ever trees on the Welsh mountains, as in, did they ever look like the mountains of the New England? which is where I live, and I did find that indeed, long ago they had trees, but in the process somehow I landed on a webpage that mentioned SSiW, which intrigued me, and I watched the 7 minutes of Welsh video, which was so much fun I downloaded the very short one sentence intro course which made me so curious about the actual course – like, how does this work if you really go for it? that I decided to sign up for the year long course, and I’m enjoying it so much, that how much I am enjoying it is really why I want to learn Welsh.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because it’s such a beautiful language. I’m Irish. I learned Gaeilge as an adult. Now I teach Gaeilge. I think that there is a connection between the Celtic languages. I’m hoping to visit Wales, attend classes, meet and make new friends. Possibly run a half marathon if one is available. Or at least run the beautiful areas there.
Diolch/ Go raibh maith agat
Is mise le meas


We have a lot of running events here in North Wales - almost every type you can imagine, so I’m sure finding a half-marathon (Conwy, Anglesey, Snowdonia Trail…) won’t be too difficult. :slight_smile:
(if you’re on facebook, following “Always Aim High Events” would be handy :wink: )


My best friend speaks Welsh and I want to suprise her after lockdown. My dad is from Wales and sadly through the generations the language was lost in my family, it would be beautiful to have some knowledge of it.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I recently found out that my ancestors are from Wales (and southern England). The oldest ancestor I know about was married in 1322 at Roch Castle. I thought it would be amazing to visit one day. Also, I’m sick of being monolingual!