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'I want to be a Welsh speaker because...'


I started learning Welsh because I have lived here over 30 years and feel very ignorant that I don’t speak any Welsh and would like to live in a more Welsh speaking area in the future.


I would love to be a Welsh speaker and that’s right as it will give me a complete understanding of the history of that era.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I now live less than 35 miles from the Welsh border, and I can’t live that close to Cymru and not visit Cymru regularly — and I can’t visit Cymru regularly and not bother to learn Cymraeg, can I?? I’m on holiday near Conwy at the moment and am just stoked to see, and sometimes hear, the language all around me!! :star_struck:


I want to be a welsh speaker because I’m a welshman.
Dw i isio bod siaradwr cymraeg achos dw i’n cymro.

It will help me to enjoy my experience with my choir (Cor Meibion Trelawnyd)


Because I have just moved to Wales and would love to chat to people at work and home in Welsh. Also my children have just started Welsh medium school and I want to help them learn.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because, I was born in North Wales. My parents moved to Australia when I was six, I still live in Australia.
My late mother was a fluent Welsh speaker . I wasn’t interested in learning Welsh growing up but now I find a longing to speak it and be immersed in this beautiful language and culture.
Learning Welsh is causing my brain to fry a bit though, but that’s ok , slow and steady .
Hopefully one day I will be a confident Welsh speaker , travel to Wales and speak it in the village where I was born . A bucket list / hearts desire for me. x


Dw i’n moyn bod yn siaradwr Cymraeg achos dw i’n caru’r iaith ac roedd fy nhad yn Gymraeg.


It’s in my blood, my late parents were Welsh speakers and now I have come home I won’t feel totally happy until I can converse in my country’s language. I feel more passionate about not losing my heritage and preserving Welsh culture than ever since starting to learn welsh.


I want to play a full part in my new community


I want to be a Welsh speaker because of family heritage, a longing to spend more time in West Wales, as also because it is something that I am doing solely for me. There is no pressure or expectations… or dire consequences! And I love the SSi method - no front loading of any grammar rules to stress over. It makes the process enjoyable.


I want to learn to speak Welsh so that I can better relate with friends I have in Nefyn Pen Llyn.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I want to know more of the UK’s languages! Welsh is beautiful, and I would love to make new Welsh friends, and Welsh-speaking friends, who love it too.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I live and work in an area which has a high number of Welsh first language speakers who have to swap to English for me to understand them fully which, although appreciated, they shouldn’t have to do.


I want to be a Welsh speaker because I moved to Wales from England this year and I want to speak the language of the country that I live in. I think every language is a unique and precious thing, bound up with a people’s history and culture, and I’d like to feel a connection with that. Even though it is rare to hear Welsh spoken in the part of Wales I live in, there is Welsh everywhere on roadsigns, in supermarkets, on information boards and so on. It would be very difficult NOT to pick up a bit of Welsh from all this, so it seems sensible to take advantage of it. And it’s a really interesting thing to do. And I love how it sounds.


I want to be a Welsh speaker as my family and I now live in Wales and want to hopefully converse with neighbours and people when working :grin:


I want to learn Welsh because it’s something different and I think it’d be amazing to one day be able to live in Wales and potentially even work, using the Welsh language.


… I am moving to Wales next year and it will open up a whole new world to me.

I’d like to surprise someone if I ever get good enough when they learn that I am not a native Welsh speaker


…it opens up new opportunities.


… I want to be able to watch S4C without subtitles :wink:


My grandmother was Welsh and I’d love to visit and spend some time there after the pandemic is over. I want to keep my brain sharp and do something just for me as my kids get older. The kids know about their Irish heritage from their Dad’s side but I want them to learn about their Welsh roots as well.